Florida’s Arbor Day

Friday, January 15 is Arbor Day in Florida.  Arbor Day is the time to evaluate your property and see what dead plants should be removed and where new plantings should be placed.

 2010 is going to be a historical year.  American citizens have evaluated the political landscape of our local governments, state governments and our U.S. Congress.  What they have found is corruption, greed, and self serving ways.  2010 is the time to plant some new, healthy, strong, trees in every area of government.

 We need to plant candidates who:

…are true to their party, its values, and platform

…understand, because of their private sector experience, that jobs are created in the private sector. 

…will support business by lowering taxes, creating incentives to bring new business to Florida, and reduce government regulations that are strangling business.

…understand that taxes…any tax…will always be passed down to you, the consumer.  Single feathers weighs next to nothing, but keep stacking them, and eventually “feather light” becomes HEAVY.  So it is with taxes.

…believe that education for our children is a priority and that it should be at the forefront every year, and that more money isn’t always the answer.

…are willing to explore Florida’s energy options while continuing to encourage the exploration and development of new forms of energy.

 And finally, we need candidates who believe and support our Constitution, and will promise to uphold that which it stands for.


One Response to “Florida’s Arbor Day”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Great post, Tami.

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