Update – with 75% counted, AP calls the race for Scott Brown and Martha Coakley concedes. THIS IS HUGE! Clearly a referendum on the Obama Agenda, the people of liberal Massachusetts have rejected one party rule. On Fox, in a Frank Luntz focus group, even democrats who voted for Coakley were saying they wanted Health Care legislation to fail – they are uncomfortable with one party calling all the shots.
Tomorrow is the first day of the new reality in Washington DC – expect many democrats in the House to mutiny now – Nancy Pelosi and Barrack Obama will double down but will not prevail.

An amazing thing is happening in Massachusetts. Next Tuesday is a special election to fill the seat vacated by the death of Ted Kennedy. One of the bluest of the states, it should have been unthinkable that State Senate Republican Scott Brown could win this race in Massachusetts against the popular Attorney General Martha Coakley, and a few weeks ago she had a 30 point lead.

But then Brown began running as the “41st Senator” – a vote against Obamacare and the rest of the Progressive Agenda that could preserve the Republican filibuster, and effectively end “one party rule”. Coakley on the other hand will support the agenda down the party line, and President Obama is campaigning for her as a reliable ally.

The polls have tightened as the race has become “nationalized”, and one poll even shows Scott Brown in the lead, causing weeping and gnashing of teeth all across the Progressive landscape.

THIS RACE CAN BE WON. With your help – donate to the campaign HERE, and login to the campaign site HERE to make calls on behalf of Scott Brown from the comfort of your home.

Marco Rubio is asking his supporters to help Scott as are other conservative leaders. Please help push Scott across the finish line next Tuesday, January 19.

If you participate in making calls for the campaign, please use whatever script they provide, but identify yourself as a South Florida 9-12 member who is contributing their time to help restore the two party system in America. Whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, you are also an American and have a vested interest in stopping the unprecedented changes that are coming to our way of life if two party rule is not restored.


  1. Iris Iris says:

    FYI – if you’ve never used this type of system before or have never made campaign calls:

    When you make calls on behalf of Scott Brown – these will be toll free to you. After you register, these types of systems call you and then keep your connection open while the automated system goes down the call lists to the next individual. Make as many or as few calls as you have time for – every call will help!!!! And it will be good practice for our own Congressonal District 19 get-out-the-vote phone banks for the winner of the primary.

  2. micky says:

    Scott Brown is just another RINO being pushed by the same old GOP establishment. Wake up people. Brown supported RomneyCare and regional Cap and Trade.

    See for instance this article:


    How shocked would you be to find out that, in 2008, Republican state senator Scott Brown voted for a Northeastern states CAP-AND-TRADE law?

    Scott Brown joined the Democrats and passed legislation requiring Massachusetts to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in a cap-and-trade pact among Northeastern states requiring power plants to reduce emissions or to buy credits from cleaner industries.

    “Reducing carbon dioxide emission in Massachusetts has long been a priority of mine,” Brown said in a news release in 2008. “Passing this legislation is an important step . . . towards improving our environment.”

    Now Brown says he’s against it. In the tradition of John Kerry, Scott Brown might say,
    “I voted for CAP-AND-TRADE LAWS before I planned to vote against it.”

    Globe article 1-10-2010


    How stunned would you be to hear that Scott Brown said, “I believe that every American is entitled to health care”? He said this on Sean Hannity on FOX and during the US Senate debates broadcast on radio and TV.

    He is part of the single-payer, universal medical care faction that is moving us toward a government-managed, tax-funded government medical care monopoly. Scott Brown says medical care is a government-granted right of every American.

    Entitled to a doctor’s labor? Entitled to a hospital room? Entitled to prescription drugs? At whose expense? Guaranteed by whom? And remember the Forgotten Men and Women who are obligated by government, compelled by law to shoulder the costs of this medical care entitlement.


    Scott Brown brags about his vital role in designing, writing, and passing RomneyCare in Massachusetts.

    How astonished would you be to learn that Scott Brown pledges to stop ObamaCare – so he can install a federally-run and managed RomneyCare to the United States of America? He’s said this during more than a half dozen national media interviews. And during the debates.

    Before you cheer, take a page out of Dr. Phil’s book and ask, “How’s RomneyCare working out for you, Massachusetts?”

    “Bay State health insurance premiums highest in country” answers the headline in the Boston Globe (8-22-09).

    Between 2003 and 2008, the average Massachusetts family’s health care insurance premium rose from $9,867 to $13,788. A 40% increase! 21% higher increase than the national average.

    This is exactly what US Senator Scott Brown will try to inflict on the other 49 states. Don’t let him do to America what he’s done to the men and women of Massachusetts.

  3. Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl says:

    Elections are about choices, and in Massachusetts the choices are usually farther to the left. Scott Brown represents a challenge to the continuance of one-party rule and a referendum on the whole Progressive Agenda. The writer of this comment would have you believe that Scott Brown is “bad for America” because he is not conservative enough. The solution to this “problem” is to elect one of the most Progressive politicians running today?? – Martha Coakley is a down-the-line supporter of the Obama Agenda.

    We have a governor and Senate candidate who supported Cap and Trade and the stimulus – if he were to beat Marco Rubio in the primary would you vote for Kendrick Meek? Please.

    Charles Krauthammer writes today (http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2010/01/15/one_year_out_the_fall_99907.html)
    that most issues in America are decided between the 40 yard lines – but Obama has tried to move the ball past the 30 and mobilized an opposition to defend this drive to extremes. The Massachusetts election is a sign of that opposition – people have had enough of the Progressive elitists (like Martha Coakley and Barrack Obama).

    This is an opportunity that will build momentum for the fall elections – please help get out the vote.

  4. micky says:

    The only candidate worth voting for is independent libertarian Joe Kennedy. Elections are indeed about choices. The choice between Coakley and Brown is a FALSE CHOICE, the usual FALSE CHOICE offered up by the establishment parties. Joe Kennedy is the ONLY CHOICE in this election. Krauthammer is nothing but a servant of the GOP establishment. There is an opportunity here to build momentum for the fall elections. DO YOU WANT TO BUILD MOMENTUM TOWARD BIG GOVERNMENT RINO REPUBLICANS? That’s what you’re doing if you support Brown over Joe Kennedy. Brown is for big government, he is for government takeover of health care, he has already voted for it in MA. He is for cap and trade, he already voted for it regionally. The ONLY CHOICE is to VOTE JOE KENNEDY.

    • Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl says:

      Micky (or should I say Michael – you are Michael Cloud right?) While I applaud what you are doing with the Center for Small Government up there in the Bay State, you would have to admit that Kennedy has no chance. The libs even are concerned that their folks will vote for him because they think he is related to Ted.

      While Scott Brown has some liberal tendencies, he is not in the mold of an Arlen Spector or Lincoln Chafee. And he is saying the right things in the race concerning the “agenda”. I’ve read how Joe Kennedy is described as the “tea party candidate” – that is fine, just as I respect those who supported Ron Paul. In my view though, there are battles and there is the “war” and sometimes you have to focus on the battle – which in this case is derailing the health care train. Brown’s surge in the polls may accomplish this even if he does not win – it just may send enough of the slim majority in the house scurrying for cover now that they see the roach motel that Obamacare has become.

  5. micky says:

    I am not Michael Cloud, but the Center for Small Government is one of the few places I have seen that are not simply providing the standard GOP or DEM BS talking points on this race. With regard to the “war” you mention, it seems you have a false view of the enemy. The enemy is the Democratic AND Republican political class and establishment, and the corporations that own them. They are at war with ALL OF THE REST OF US ALL THE TIME. You live in a dream world if you think the Republicans are LESS EVIL than the Democrats, they are two sides of the SAME PROBLEM. Supporting a Scott Brown or for liberals a Coakley is equivalent to SURRENDER in their war against WE THE PEOPLE. You people obviously won’t get it until it’s too late. It probably already is.

  6. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Heated debate, fellas. That’s good — toughen the armor. I’m not convinced that Scott Brown is the Great White Hope, either. However, we have to start looking at the war that you both mention above as a series of battles, rather than a hand-of-God, biblical-style smoting. This war will NEVER be won outright. I’m not sure everyone who has “girded their loins” for the battle sees it that way. Some folks seem to think that on November 3rd later this year, the enemy will be vanquished, driven into the sea by the power of truth and liberty! If that’s what people think, they will be woefully disappointed. The progressives might be beaten into submission, and forced to abide by a new group of leaders, but the victory will not convert them, or change their sphere of truth. One only has to remember what our collective loss a little more than one year ago did for us as a movement, to realize that the “barbarians” we beat back this year, will retreat to their lands, and begin mending their armor, sharpening their swords, and planning for the next battle.

    Scott Brown’s victory needs to be taken in context. Two weeks ago, Coakley was up by 10-15 points depending on where you read it. She ran a lousy campaign, due in part to her thinking that it was “in the bag”; a liberal running for the most liberal seat in the Senate — an entitlement, an heir apparent. Brown “tapped in” to two veins in Massachusetts in the last two weeks of the race, that electrified the state, and converted the many independents that every campaign needs to court to win.

    The first – and easiest – vein he tapped into was a lack of support in Massachusetts for Obama’s nationalized health care agenda. The citizens of that state are already taxed to hell and back to provide what is “affectionately” known as RomneyCare for all of it’s citizens. Obama’s plan makes no allowance for this fact, and would tax them all again to put their funds in the pool for everyone in the other 49 states. Who would support that? Can I just tell you how many new transplants to Palm Beach County I’ve become acquainted with in the last 6 months who are fleeing Massachusetts (Boston in particular) because the taxes are choking them out? My church, my wife’s school, my daughter’s swim team, everywhere I turn, all I hear is “Southy” accents! The second vein was just classic political turn of phrase; during the last Brown/Coakley debate, the moderator (showing his own bias) referred to the office for which both candidates were vying as “Ted Kennedy’s Seat”, to which Brown adroitly replied, paraphrasing, that it was “The People’s Seat”, not Kennedy’s. That simple reply that became his campaign’s slogan, charged his campaign like a lightning bolt, and magnetizing everyone that heard it; we said “here is a public servant who gets it”. In the state — “Let’s vote for him”; in the country — “Let’s send him money!” This morning, Brown wakes up with $4 million in his campaign account still unspent!!!

    The battle won, but the war continues. We can only hope he is the man he claims to be, and keeps his word. This can be said of any candidate — even our own beloved Colonel West. When they get the job we give them, our own work begins anew, making sure that they represent us — not nursemaid us, or vote for things that they feel are good for us despite our own wishes. I actually heard an interview with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz last week where she said she felt that despite polls to the contrary, people by and large will embrace the health care plan as well as the public option once it’s passed!!! Is that a representative, or a mother? Did we elected them to do what’s good for us DESPITE our wishes? Is that the role of government? Not in my book.

    Keep the swords sharp, and the shields true, gentlemen!!


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