Lower Taxes Now Meeting – Friday 1/15/10

This notice was provided by Suzanne Squire

They  Saved  OVER  34  MILLION  in  Volusia  the  1st  Year
Mission:  To  Reduce  Government  Spending  in  PBC 
Featured  Speaker:  Margie  Patchett
Executive  Director  of  LowerTaxesNow.Org
She  began  from  home  in  ’06  with  25  People
Now  has  active  groups  in  23  Florida  Counties
If  Waste  Fraud  &  Abuse  of  Taxpayer  $  “Ticks  You  Off”
Join  Us  Friday  January  15th 
Center  Court  @  “Old” Wellington Mall
6:00  pm  Sign  In/Networking  
6:30  pm  Meeting 
Everyone  is  Invited 
Tweet  –  Blog  –  Post  –  Email  –  Call
Friends  –  Family  –  Neighbors  –  Co-Workers
Groups  –  Clubs  –  Churches  –  Associations  Etc.
561.582.6166  Suzanne
561.776.8168  Lynne  
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8 Responses to “Lower Taxes Now Meeting – Friday 1/15/10”
  1. ***Note***

    This is a “Take ACTION Now” meeting.

    Come prepared w/paper and pencil to learn and launch Lower Taxes Now in PBC.

    What we know already will blow you away!

    Margie Patchett will speak as well as PBC Clerk Sharon Bock.

    Then we begin to expose the ‘real spending’ using a Proven Program that is Saving Millions around the state

    This is a No-Brainer

    Knowledge is Power

    Help put that power back in the people’s hands!

    Lower Taxes Now puts you in the driver’s seat and says how fast do you want to go!

    Like Jess Santamaria says, “It feels good to know what you did was effective”

    Let’s be effective together in Palm Beach County and Lower Taxes Now!

    See you Friday,


    Can’t join us Friday, you can get weekly updates on
    Waste, Fraud and Abuse at http://www.PBCTaxReform.org

    Thanks for posting the event! 9-12er’s Rock!

  2. flowergirl1963 Daisy says:

    Yes, this is what we need!!!!!

    It seems like every which way we turn they tax us. No more! We the people will prevail and with the Truth,

    Knowledge and Education we will be sucessful and not only will we put more monies in

    our pockets but we will help remove corruption from our County, State and in time we will

    be able to targe the Feds!!!!!

    ONE STEP AT A TIME!!!!!!

  3. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Candidate for State Representative D-85, Austin Parris will be there. I believe and have believed in LTN’s efforts since John Sottilare and I interviewed Margie Patchett on the radio show we were doing way back.

    • Sweet Austin, that’s right…John mentioned your awesome show!
      Contact him and see if he can make it!

      God Bless all of you who have stayed on the wall before some of us even had a clue to get on the wall!

      Help Please…
      Colllecting Bandages (All types and sizes) for Haiti friday night

      • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

        It might be a good idea to collect water, too. From what I understand about disasters like this, water is the most valuable thing they’re going to need aside from food and medical aid.

  4. Margie has a great program and think that this is really great to see people getting involved wish I could come tonight but alas other obligations keep me away. Have a great meeting and keep us informed.

  5. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    I keep hearing different stories about sending water. First I heard that the Haitian Army had desalination machines donated to them from the Red Cross after a previous hurricane, so they didn’t need water. Then I read that they were damaged in the earthquake, so it was the most important thing (aside from cash) that people could send, so to make sure and donate some at the drop off locations. Then the folks who are actually flying the stuff over said that bottled water and canned food were too heavy, and would not allow them to maximize how much they could fit “per flight”. Yesterday, I heard that the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Carl Vinson just parked off of Port-au-Prince, and it has desalination machines that can create 400,000 gallons of drinking water out of sea water every day. More navy ships are arriving every day with similar systems. I don’t know what the right thing to do is, but I’m sticking with MRE’s and food not in cans.

    • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

      I purchased several cases of water and donated them to Wismick St. Jean’s office in Royal Palm Beach. I attended his kick-off campaign event which he chose to primarily designate as an event to coordinate efforts to help Haiti. We agreed that water and non-perishable food items are what’s going to be most needed, as well as:

      1. Clothing
      2. Blankets
      3. First Aid

      The basic sensibilities I have from watching what happened with Katrina and Ike and from what i understand about other natural disasters is that even if we can’t get the water off right now, the water is going to be needed one way or another. I trust Wismick, he’s a good man, and I’d personally rather spend the money and buy the supplies myself rather than donate it to an organization and hope the right stuff is purchased. Given the current situation and the chaos, the bottles will be easy to distribute and will be done so through Missionary Flights International.

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