Silence is consent!

The Joe Budd for Congress Committee would like to thank each one of you for your hard work.  We are looking forward to the celebration!  Actually, 2 celebrations!! 

We are asking EVERYONE to canvas their neighborhoods and an additional one (those who do not live in the district we will give you a neighborhood to canvas in the district).  There are some groups already sign waving and now are preparing to send out assignments to you for sign waving.  We will provide you with signs.

 We have accumulated a large list of people who have volunteered so we are asking each one of you to respond quickly to the following questions so there is no delay in the assignments.  This is such an important vote on February 2nd which is just about 2 WEEKS AWAY!!!

We will assign you to a group and you will be contacted by your group leader thereafter (if you wish to change locations let your group leader know and they will contact me).  The questions we need you to answer are the following (this is not in blood; we are just trying to get a general idea): 


  1. Do you want to sign wave?
  2. What days are you available? M-F (rush hour times), Sat-Sun (times will vary on Sat and Sun)
  3. Rush hour Monday through Friday in morning (6:45-8:30) or evening (4:30-to sun down) or both.
  4. What city at this time would you prefer to be stationed?
  5. Would you be interested in phone banking?

Things are going very well for Joe.  He is busy Monday through Friday going to meetings and interviews.  He is asking you to check out his website www.joebuddforcongress.com and look at his calendar to see where he will be and come out!      

If you have questions you can reach Sherry at (561)843-7441 and email sherrybudd@bellsouth.net

or Ron Harp at (561) 699-4416 .

Remember it takes a team to win the game!

Thanks for all your hard work from the campaign committee for Joe Budd for Congress

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