The Shot Heard Round the World

From the Palm Beach Republican Party Chairman Sid Dinerstein:


January 19, 2010

In 1776 it was the “shot heard round the world.” In 2010 it’s the Scott heard round the world. Massachusetts started this morning as a blue Liberal state. By nightfall the Liberals were not just blue, they were black and blue. And the people, the ones who actually do the work, had a brand new color – Scott Brown.

In Florida-speak this is a Cat 5. Whatever you knew about politics yesterday is no longer true. The Humpty Dumpty Democrats are no more. The Seniors will not sit still for rationed Obamacare. The Haitians will get revenge for Artistide. The Jews will once again support Israel. Yes, Congressional District 19 is in play. Why? Because we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more. Democracy is not a spectator sport and we’re getting in the game.

In November we’ll sweep the state, send Tom Rooney back to Washington and give America the gift of Allen West. We’ll teach the Constitution and reclaim our birthright. We’ll attack the debt and regain our solvency. And we’ll send Bloody Mary Landreau and Benedict Nelson to that special place reserved for those who sell out their country.

Today is not the end of a campaign. It’s the beginning of America’s 21st and greatest century. Our new national leadership includes Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, our Tea Party friends and the men and women of “Flyover Country” who have stood up to be counted.

Palm Beach County needs your help. We need your financial support for Lincoln Day. We need County Commission and School Board candidates. Our homeowners and students deserve better, much better. We need your time, your energy and your love of the four F’s; Faith, Family, Flag and Freedom. And we need it now.

God Bless.



2 Responses to “The Shot Heard Round the World”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    I was clicking back and forth between the coverage on Fox and MSNBC — it was hysterical! To see the look of utter confusion and bewilderment on Chris Matthews’ face as to what was happening was just priceless. Like someone just told him about Santa Claus . . . .


    • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

      I appreciate Sid mentioning students and their importance in all of this. Nice to see that Chris Matthews got a taste of his own medicine, and how about Olbermann being a sore loser, eh?

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