Town Hall event a big deal for Americans! Please attend!

Wednesday’s Town Hall style debate is a must for all Citizen Activists!

This coming Wednesday night the South Florida 912 will be hosting a debate. We are very excited! This night will be great chance for those who live in District 19 to make their final decision on who to vote for in the primary. If you do not live in the primary it was best said by a fellow leader in the 912 group David DiCrescenzo “As I do not reside in the 19th District, I am unable to vote for any of these men. But I am a resident of Florida and the United States, and whichever of them is elected will affect my family, friends, and me for a long time to come.”
David is right!
So please come out and join us.

For more details times and location please click the HERE

I also want to remind you after the debate go out and vote early click the link HERE for times and locations!

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