CD19 Town Hall – How did the candidates do?

As the winner of the CD19 primary election will be known in another 5 days, our candidate forum last night was a last minute snapshot of the three candidates at the peak of their efforts, and all did a fine job. The panel, which included conservative radio host Joyce Kaufman, and the secretary of Generation Joshua (a teen Christian political club) Ariel Waldron, asked a variety of questions concerning the issues and the campaign strategy. Personal queries were also asked, such as what historical figures they admired (Ed Lynch chose Abraham Lincoln, Joe Budd – George Washington, and Curt Price – Ronald Reagan), and the candidates were able to ask each other a question.

The exchanges were civil and businesslike, and it is clear that all three gentlemen hold well defined conservative values. That said, there were some differences in their answers and we would like to hear from our members as to who they thought most emulated their own views on the issues. Please add your comments to this post, and take the special survey on the sidebar that will run from now until the Tuesday Primary.





14 Responses to “CD19 Town Hall – How did the candidates do?”
  1. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Well, I’ll speak first, and everybody can tell me how nuts I am. These are all my opinions because I too am a voter in this election, and this a VOTER speaking, not a candidate, not that it would change my sentiments much.

    Curt Price is getting my vote, and I think that’s final, barring any kind of personal scandal or something.

    Ed Lynch came off very “entitled” (like we owe it to him to vote for him) when answering the questions he gave direct answers to, and doesn’t want to reach across the aisle. The dems/independents aren’t our enemies, we just disagree with them. Not willing to work well with others is really going to hurt our district’s viability in Congress if we sent him. Ed Lynch also seems bent on only reaching out to seniors and Jews, and it kind of rubs me the wrong way (not that I have a problem with Jews or the elderly, they’re both a very important and large demographic here, but there are other people in this district). His answer about education to Ariel and school days was incredibly condescending, and his lack of concern with any real education reform beyond “getting parents more involved” concerns me for our children’s future.

    Joe Budd is too much fluff and not enough stuff. He jumped into the game too late, and he hasn’t made a significant enough impression upon me to show that he knows enough about Florida or it’s citizens in his district that he would be able to relate to us or understand us. I failed to see any of the fire he tries to present in the media, and when it came time for him to attack the candidates on issues rather than personal matters like politicizing Haiti, he fell well short of my expectations.

    Curt Price has a lot to improve upon, and he’s come very far already. I like the fact that he forgot his 4th point in his opening statement and he stumbled. To me it showed me how much it means to him to do well, and how hard he’s trying to get that message out. He needs to summarize and get a better handle on time a little better, but he has shown us that he’s honest, he’s HUMAN, he apparently does smile, and he just seems to be like someone trying to do the right thing, and not so concerned with the nit-pick issues of tailored suits and political correctness. He needs to be a little more forgiving on the God issue, not in the terms of hiding it or anything, but if he thinks he’s going to be bossing around all those democrat congressman with the issues of seniority and everything else, that’s a bit idealistic.

    All that in mind, I Curt Price is who will be receiving my vote and who gets my endorsement in this Primary. I’ve followed and analyzed the candidates very closely and Curt is the guy who will get a pen mark on my ballot.

  2. jeff912 says:

    While I enjoyed hearing each candidates views, I would have really liked to have heard from another candidate who was in the audience and prepared to speak, but wasnt allowed. I met the gentleman in the crowd and had a discussion with him and I have to say he has a lot of the same ideals and values as the 9-12 group. Shouldn’t we be looking at ALL candidates regardless of party affiliation? His slogan is “people over party” and agree 100%. I have become very disillusioned with the two party system as I dont really think either party knows what they stand for anymore.

    • Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl says:

      The forum was designed for the people who are actually on the ballot Tuesday. Jim McCormick will continue to be a candidate and we plan a future event with him plus the Democrat and Republican winners. All candidates are welcome at 9-12 events and we make an attempt to introduce them when they appear.

      • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

        The event went well, and Mr. McCormick was allowed to speak to the people individually and still hand out fliers, cards, and any kind of stuff he had.

        The group did well, though I’d like to see more issues-based questions rather than who their favorite historical figure was. (Not you that asked it Fred, I know). Some rebuttal and some clash would have really fired things up a bit too.

        Nonetheless, the event was well-run, went off without a hitch and I think we all got a good taste of the candidates in the R group.

        • Jeff, thank you for your concern as it is greatly appreciated, I am Jim McCormick’s campaign manager and I assure you he was not slighted by not being able to participate3 at the podium. Had the opportunity arose he surely would have participated but our campaign fully understands that the format was set long before we informed your group that Mr. McCormick would attend. We thank the event organizers for inviting us and allowing us to participate and assure you that Jim will attend future events.

          We were pleased to meet those that attended. Caring and proud Americans will help us set this Country straight. If any of you want more information please visit http://www.votemccormick.com or http://www.peopleoverparty.com to contact the campaign. We are also looking for volunteers if you have some time to spare.

          God Bless you all and God Bless America.

  3. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Jeff — Please don’t think for a second that we intended to slight Mr. McCormick in any way by “not allowing” him to speak. As Fred clarified above, this event was focused on the candidates participating in the February 2nd primary next week. We actually did invite both Ted Deutch and Ben Graber, but both had prior engagements for that Wednesday evening. It bears mentioning that they both asked us to reschedule for another night so they could fit it in to their schedule. With the 3 Republican candidates all confirming, there were more “coulds” than “could not”s, so we kept the date. I am already in discussions with the candidates to put together another debate in late February or early March with the victors from both party’s primaries, AND Mr. McCormick as well.
    Keep checking the web-site, and I will post details as soon as they are worked out. Thanks for your comments.

  4. FRAN M. says:

    Curt Price has my vote. He is the best man for the job because he doesn’t have any baggage. He is a former police oficer 21 years of service to Ft. LauderdalePD. He runs a sucessful business with his wife. He has conviction in what he blieves in and that is what we the people want. We do not want another smooth operator taking office and promising the moon and then won’t commit to any of the issues.

  5. FRAN M. says:

    Joe Budd needs to step down from the primary race. He is splitting the vote and in my opinion Curt Price would win hands down against Ed Lynch. Mr. Budd should do everything in his power to make sure Lynch does not win. So he has to weigh all of his options and do the right thing for the Americans of District 19.

    • conservativechoice says:

      Wow! That is interesting. Certainly it is everyones American right to run for any office. Joe Budd came out on top in my estimation on Wednesday night. I think Joe Budd is going to surprise everyone….we will see.

  6. jessicadornblaser jessicadornblaser says:

    I think it was a good event. Loved the music! I hate how they shoved us out almost as soon as it was over. The questions were good. We taped it so it should be on YouTube today.

  7. Looking forward to the You Tube keep us posted.

  8. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Please post the link for YouTube! Thanks for recording it.

  9. ConservativeDiva Ellen Snyder says:

    I also think the event went well thanks to Shannon, Doug & their crew!!

    As for the lights going off….they should have warned people that would happen as it was a potentially hazardous situation…just sayin 🙂

    GO LYNCH!!!!!

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