Over 170 Citizen Patriots!

There are so many things to say to all of you however the hour is late and as I think most of you have learned about me I am very interested in keeping emails short and to the point on top of the fact that I am so tired.

The event last night went very smoothly and it could not have happened with out the terrific efforts of all that were involved!

I want to first personally thank Joyce Kaufman I know she has a lot going on and I truly appreciate her coming to the event and motivating our citizen patriots.

Special thanks go to Jess Santamaria for the use of the Original Wellington Mall and sound system.

I want to also thank Larry and Cherilyn Moffet, with out you and our pre meeting, meetings I don’t know how we could have had such a smoothly run meeting. Cherilyn what a great job with the National Anthem.

Jason, Maria, Nate, Lois, Jeff, Tyler and Stone thank you for organizing the table, chairs, sign in, name badges and the cookies. Thanks for handing out flyer’s etc…

Ken and Jeane Barnett you both are two amazing people thank you for being our true Patriot in Uniform and the new banner was a real GIFT! Thanks you for all you do 🙂

I was so very excited to see the VFW represented when they lead with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jim and Laureen Thank you for your beautiful music. I wish we had more time to hear more. In March at McKenna’s we can have some more sing alongs.

Our panel was made up of some really great people First I want to thank Ed Fulop who has such original questions. Fred Scheibl our Web Master and very generous,intelligent man We appreciate you and your Wife Iris’s dedication. Ari was a joy with her relevant questions. My own children were inspired by our student panelist. Great job!

Special notice to Joyce for her great questions for the candidates and to Larry great job with the Time Keeping.

I also want to give special notice to both Karin Hoffman and Everett Wilkinson from DC Works for US and the South Florida Tea Party for coming out in a show of support.

The candidates, were gentleman and a joy to have at our meeting. It was a great pleasure to help many of our members to finally make a decision and move forward with it. I personally have had a few calls telling me after last night they have decided. That was our goal.

Please go out and early vote and if you have a candidate that you support then get involved now and
call their campaign and offer to help get their info out there. Click HERE
for more info on the candidates.

Also, please participate in the poll on who won the night on the web site and join the site if you have not already at http://southflorida912.org/

Finally I want to thank all of you for taking the time out your lives to participate! This is a call to action! It is time to put the DVR on and get out and motivate your friends, your Church your Temple your Neighbors to get involved and take notice. We can not sit back anymore.

There was so much donated at the meeting last night for Haiti by the group and that was such a blessing! Thank you! The goods were delivered to the airport today and are on the way to Haiti tomorrow. We need some volunteers to help feed the workers loading the planes so please call 561-628-3951 Susan Foley or email at tofoley@bellsouth.net

I am off to the Bill O Riley Glenn Beck event in Tampa in the morning, if you are going, please give us a call because there are a few of us meeting for dinner before the event. Call me at 561-506-5258

Blessings to all of you!

Shannon and Doug Armstrong


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