Any one going to Orlando and Washington?

Any one going to Orlando and Washington?  I am planning on going to both and wanted to get with anyone else who plans to go.  I have booked the Holiday Inn in Orlando at 12125 High Tech Ave, 407-275-9000.  It was $90.00 a night.  Anyone have a suggestion for a hotel in Washington?



3 Responses to “Any one going to Orlando and Washington?”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Roger – which events are you referencing? I believe there are a few planned for Washington. Please specify. Thanks!

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    I shot an e-mail to the Florida 9.12 co-ordinator on Monday night, asking her if March in Orlando was even still on. Given Glenn’s change of heart on his “two can play at that game” speech at the Villages last year, and his only mentioning the August event as part of his “Restoring Honor” package, I’m thinking it might not even happen. She responded with “I have no idea. I have a call Thursday night with other state co-ordinators, and I’ll know more then.” As of this message’s time stamp, no word. My best advice is don’t pre-pay for your hotel.

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