Palm Beach Post Endorses Ted Deutch (Oh – and Joe Budd too)

In the typically insulting way that the Palm Beach Post treats conservatives everywhere, the primary endorsement of the editorial board starts:

“After the party’s upset Senate victory in Massachusetts, Republicans got so giddy as to wonder whether — even though party registration is 2-to-1 against them — they could win the congressional seat held since 1996 by Democrat Robert Wexler.

Unfortunately for the GOP, the two best candidates in Tuesday’s primary are Democrats. Among the three Republicans, by process of elimination, The Post recommends Joe Budd.”

Read the the whole sorry article HERE.


5 Responses to “Palm Beach Post Endorses Ted Deutch (Oh – and Joe Budd too)”
  1. conservativechoice says:

    Congratulations! No matter how they wrote it, it is still an endorsement for Joe that is bi-partisan. Good job Joe!!

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Congratulations Joe. Backhanded as it was, that’s, unfortunately, going to be the only praise you’ll get from the left wingers at the Post. Frankly, your endorsement by the Voter’s Coalition carries much more weight with me. Well done!

  3. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    How is the PBPost allowed to make such partisan statements like they did regarding the democrats? Is that even allowed considering they’re media? Of course they are, because information is a business now and not a foundation for growth….

    • Iris Iris says:

      The media has always been partisan and has always been a business. Read some of the articles and opinion pieces from Benjamin Franklin (who would fake letters to the editor to his own paper in order to write rebuttals with his real positions), or the things written about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. The editorial and opinion pages are always fair game. The problem is when claims are made implying that the reporting is objective, or when we, the readers/viewers assume that what we read is objective or even true Freedom of speech is a wondrous thing!

      • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

        I’ve known it for a long time, but it’s just reaching a boiling point with me. It’s often lop-sided and I’ve always felt that it’s unfair that knowledge and mass-media are in the hands of those would do harm to the purity of that information. It’s one thing to have opinion pieces and use some real justification for those positions, like Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, or Adams, but these Post writers are *not* those gentlemen. These writers along with the Sun-Sentinel and a lot of local papers I’ve ever read form their opinions with no basis for them other than to say something.

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