Bold and Fresh

Bold and Fresh

Bold and Fresh

Bold and Fresh 








Doug and I had a great time going to Tampa for a much needed fun weekend! The event to see Glenn Beck and Bill O’ Reilly was really  entertaining. The parking was awful but once we got thru the mess we walked briskly up to the front of the Sun dome to be confronted with at least ( I counted ) 6 protester’s… They were yelling comments about us having people T bag us and described the act… very uncivilized. I enjoyed a little confrontational conversation back. ( I can get a little mouthy at times… ask My dad and My Husband…)

     Glenn and Bill did a great job keeping things current with commentary about the President’s State of the Union address, Nancy Pelosi and her plastic surgery and Vice Pres Bidens ability to stand behind Obama and mime so well. It seems that the Pres wanted the Sun Dome for his event about the speed rail but when they contacted the USF Sun dome people they advised the the “Obama People” that Glenn and Bill had it reserved – ha ha.

     We met up with some friends while we were there and had a great time. It will be a worthy purchase when it comes out on DVD – did I mention that they recorded that event for the movie.

Glenn and BillProtesters


3 Responses to “Bold and Fresh”
  1. bigmouthmom says:

    I too went to the 4pm show and it was great. Nice bit of relief to have some humor from those who are trying to look out for us and educate us as to our governments trickery and wordology.
    Sharon (Broward Dc Works For Us)

    • David DiCrescenzo David DiCrescenzo says:

      I couldn’t make the trip to Tampa, but I did get to see the show at the Regal on Saturday. Excellent show with barely a seat empty in the entire house. Can’t wait for Orlando and DC.

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Looks like fun — I should’ve made the time for it. Thanks for the pics!

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