Born Again American

Very powerful video – watch it then click HERE for more information.  Although it was started by liberals (Norman Lear and People for the American Way) – it is surely a non-partisan message.


2 Responses to “Born Again American”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    As Fred says, the lyrics of the song have a great message. Unfortunately, the song is meant as bait — as in a lure for a trap. Here is the link for the web-site where the video above resides:


    If you start to look around, you’ll pick up on a few things, like the similarity of their logo to the Obama “O” brand,
    photos taken at the 2008 DNC Convention (complete with smiling “sheeple” holding their “CHANGE” posters). Not long thereafter, you come across the link to the site for People for the American Way — again, don’t let the name fool you. You and I have no place in their America, and their “way” is to ridicule and name-call. So, you think that the win in Massachusetts has the Progressives on their heels, eh? Read this article, from their site:


    Don’t fall for the bait, and don’t let a victory in a lone battle make you complacent towards the war. Remember Colonel West’s message to us last week — RESOLVE! Stay involved. Make History. Flip the house.


    • Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl says:

      Norman Lear and PFAW are indeed a progressive organization with an agenda that most of our readers would find distasteful and wrong-headed (if not subversive). Probably not a good idea to sign their “pledge” unless you want a lot of email for progressive causes.

      That said, the main message of the song is to get involved – government is screwing up and can be changed through activism. “My bible and the Bill of Rights, my creed’s equality” – the lyrics make interesting bait. (Click HERE for the lyrics) It is a secular message placed in religious trappings. Lear explains in another video how the “Declare Yourself” campaign started as a reaction to his view that the Religious Right was re-defining patriotism.

      On the website though, their “next steps” are: 1) Volunteer in your community, 2) Register and vote, 3) Talk back to your elected officials. Who knew?

      Remember Alinsky # 11 -“The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative”.

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