Early voting turnout for CD 19 Special Election Primary is truly pathetic!

Total of early voters from both parties is the grand total of 2829 out of a total of:   235.635 Republicans and 373,017 Democrats

This is totally embarrassing.  Let’s hope there is a little more interest in tomorrow, election day.  The breakdown can be found in the following pdf from the PBC Supervisor of Elections website:  Early Voting Turnout for CD 19 Special Elections

Those of you in CD 19 – get out and vote tomorrow!


One Response to “Early voting turnout for CD 19 Special Election Primary is truly pathetic!”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    As of this moment — chance of rain for Tuesday’s primary is 60%. This means that the difference between the victor and the losers could truly be a handful of votes. Every vote ALWAYS counts, but when the turnout is so low, the value of each vote counts exponentially more. If you live in FL19, and you didn’t early vote already, get to your polling place any way you can.

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