CD19 Results

As of 11:30PM last night,  Ted Deutch is the winner for the Democrats with a 4:1 vote margin over Ben Graber. 

In the Republican race, the vote was so close that a recall was expected, but a vote adjustment in Palm Beach County put Ed Lynch over the 0.5% margin and Joe Budd conceded.

The counts provided by the Supervisors of Election in Palm Beach and Broward Counties are as follows:

Palm Beach Broward Total
Joe Budd 2585 689 3279
Ed Lynch 2547 773 3320
Curt Price 1199 371 1566

Turnout for this election was very light. In a district with 344,912 eligible voters, 36,278 people voted – that’s 10.5%. If you compare the parties, Democrats had the edge in turnout with 28,118 voting out of about 234,228 or 12%, while 8160 Republicans voted out of about 110,684 or 7%. Since a Republican win would need a big percentage of that party’s voters going to the polls, the lack of interest in the primary does not bode well.


23 Responses to “CD19 Results”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Under .5 percent differential means automatic recount — I knew it would be close, but this is amazing. Imagine, being able to flip an election one way or another with fewer than 40 people! Every vote counts.

    • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

      I’ve seen two different sites with two different results. The PBC Elections site has Budd winning so far without the Provisional ballots in, and the WPTV site seems to have a different number. How would WPTV have numbers that PBC Elections didnt?

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Austin —

    You have to factor in the 93 precincts from Broward County as well. While they are part of the district, they are not under the Palm Beach Supervisor of Election’s control. When you add those in, the difference is 37 votes.

    • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

      Mmm, I see now. I was confused because the State Division of Elections didn’t have a number for PBC, so I was a bit confused. Man was it close. Provisional ballots aren’t in yet either.

  3. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    How about that Deutch?! One of the oldest theories in politics is that you’ll automatically get at least 20% of the vote just because your name is on the ballot against somebody else. I guess Ben Graber proved that one wrong tonight. Whew! Shellacking!

  4. FEAR says:

    we need to get this recount garbage behind us.FAST.
    for the sake of the party and the cause.
    we need one man to unite behind so we can start the business of raising money so we can make a difference, every day we dont have a solid winner, it will get harder to beat Deutch.
    Joe needs to accept the loss and dont pull an Al Gore and delay the inevitable with a ton of challenges and re-counts.

    • EdFulop EdFulop says:

      Excuse me, FEAR, but “For the sake of the party”?! You might want to check the back of your T-shirt before saying/typing something like that in this crowd. The Tea Party movement and, more specifically, the 9.12 are NOT a subsidiary of the GOP. We don’t back people solely because of the consonant after their name. If that’s what you want, there are plenty of Republican clubs throughout Palm Beach county.

  5. Iris Iris says:

    Look at these numbers in Palm Beach County CD 19 Primary voters, out of a total of 322,433 registered voters:

    6,340 – Republicans
    23,177 – Democrats

    Yes – independents couldn’t vote in the primary. However even if one doubled the number not voting (D) – it would still be about half the turnout of that Deutsch/Graber got. Campaign and grassroots groups who worked to get out the vote for the Republican candidates in CD 19 should view this as a teaching moment.

    Grade: F

    A lot is going to have to change for either the Republican or Independent candidate to be more than a blip on the ballot in April. Each of the groups should do a post-mortem and a lot of soul-searching. Is this going to be another Scott Brown election or will Palm Beach County yet again be a national laughing-stock? It’s going to take a lot of hard work to be the former. What part are you willing to play to make a difference?

    • fear says:

      although the turnout numbers are less than stellar, they are not as bad as it may seem.

      in the Mass. primary for the seat Scott Brown won, the democrat turnout was 664,000 to 162,000 for the republicans, and look how that turned out.

      It doesn’t change the fact we need to get the message out and people need to vote and volunteer, its going to take a lot of work to beat Deutch, but its not impossible by any means!

      • Iris Iris says:

        Fear – demographics are far different in cd19. We have another post elsewhere w comparisons of the demographics. But rough numbers: in Mass – about 50% are ind. In cd19 – about R + Ind is about equal to D’s. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m saying if the campaign and grassroots collectively groups thought they did a good job – they really need to think again and change their gotv strategies.

        • fear says:

          ABSOLUTELY, same strategy is not going to cut it next time, its going to be a tall task, but an achievable one with the right strategy.

  6. conservativechoice says:

    Joe is a gentlemen.

  7. Douglas Armstrong says:

    We have a L O T of work to do, in Palm Beach County… my word. I have been thinking, rethinking, sorting my thoughts out about this primary, the voter apathy (at-large) is really eye-opening. For those who are “seeking” like-minded, disenchanted Conservatives like themselves: They are finding us.

    But clearly, there are more than just “stones” that remain unturned… collectively, in District 19, those stones add up to MOUNTAINS… and we have just 2 months to turn over both:

    1) Voter unawareness (or apathy). And also –
    2) An extremely well-funded candidate on the liberal side.

    MUCH WORK TO DO, Palm Beach County… and not much TIME…

  8. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Both Joe and Ed conducted themselves very well on Jeff Katz’s radio program today. The campaigns (and more specifically, the volunteers) can take a lesson from their leaders, and dial back the vitriol a couple of notches.

  9. Rightwinger says:

    I have LOTS of friends around the country that have committed to getting behind Ed….GREAT things to come!!!!

    • Unfortunately I disagree. Lynch means well but he isn’t the conservative that can rally people. He continuously touted being there before yet won by less than 50 votes.

      I have met Ed several times and won’t disparage him but this is a glaring indicator of vulnerability.

  10. LeeAnn says:

    I worked the polls that day. Of 1155 registered voters in my precinct, only 24 showed up to vote. That is an average of 2 per hour. 17 Dems, 7 Republicans. Lots of work to do before April.

  11. Elaine Schiff says:

    Let us copy what ACORN,Moveon .org etc-did in 2008-they went to assisted living places , gave out absentee ballots, Became poll watchers, went to public places and signed people up to register-since we are non partison , or should be , we wont scare off the indipendants.

  12. Andrew33 Andrew33 says:

    I don’t think things are as bad as they seem. Most robot republicans will be motivated and vote in the midterms. They will vote republican down the line. We in the tea party movement will vote for Lynch as well. I think independents will break against Obama 70/30. I also believe that 20% of voting dems will awing toward Lynch and a huge number of Dems will be disenchanted and sit out, especially within the Jewish electorate as Obama will show how much he loves Israel this year as Iran reaches the tipping point. Bottom line: Lynch by 4.6%.

    • Iris Iris says:

      Andrew33 – you were discussing mid-terms…. what you said may or may not be true in a general election when your ‘so called’ robot republicans will vote. A special election is an entirely different thing. First people have to know that there’s an election happening, and then they have to know/care enough to come out for a single candidate – and also know that they live in the district. You’d be surprised to find out how few people, even those who are somewhat politically involved, actually know who their congressman/congresswoman is…..

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