How to Get Our Democracy Back

Food for thought. This week in The Nation (a top tier liberal magazine), Lawrence Lessig, a 20 year colleague of Barrack Obama at the University of Chicago, describes why his friend has been such a disappointment, why the lofty rhetoric of the campaign has given way to the business as usual Washington corruption.

He suggests that the Tea Party movement on the right, and Moveon.org on the left could join together to bring about change both sides want – an end to the depradations of Congress.  (for those of you in Rio Linda, that means: “the act or an instance of plundering; robbery; pillage”)

“Obama will leave the presidency, whether in 2013 or 2017, with Washington essentially intact and the movement he inspired betrayed.”

“That movement needs new leadership. On the right (the tea party) and the left (MoveOn and Bold Progressives), there is an unstoppable recognition that our government has failed. But both sides need to understand the source of its failure if either or, better, both together, are to respond.”

In his view, money is the corrupting influence that trumps ideology every time:

“Since the time of Rome, historians have taught that while corruption is a part of every society, the only truly dangerous corruption comes when the society has lost any sense of shame. Washington has lost its sense of shame.”


“A very effective campaign succeeds in obscuring the source of conflict over major issues of reform with the pretense that it is ideology rather than campaign cash that divides us.”

His answer of course is to throw all the bums out, but believes it can only be done through a constitutional convention since Congress will NEVER reform itself.   That, of course, would probably be a disaster, but it would be interesting to actually have a dialog between left and right about getting us off this runaway train.

Read the whole article HERE.


One Response to “How to Get Our Democracy Back”
  1. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    Why have a Constitutional Convention, when we can have MoveOn and the Tea party work together without government interference to create a platform that we can all agree on?

    This is why I can’t understand contemporary liberal ideology sometimes. Even the Democrats they put themselves behind like Thomas Jefferson agreed that the least amount of government interference possible is what’s best for the people.

    I’m assuming Mr. Lessig either ignored or hasn’t read any Ayn Rand. The first things progressives try to do to legitimize government interference is admonish money, love or desire of money.

    He refuses to acknowledge that the people have abdicated and thankfully are finally returning to their responsibility as voters now. It’s time to really make changes at the state and local level, and I certainly don’t support a group like MoveOn.org who asks for 5$ every day for some purpose or another to push liberal agenda in support of candidates without any regard for the Constitution or the future.

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