Budd says he supports GOP rival Ed Lynch in special congressional race

This happened at the Palm Beach County GOP’s REC meeting held tonight, Feb. 10. 

To read the entire article go here.


3 Responses to “Budd says he supports GOP rival Ed Lynch in special congressional race”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    well done, Mr. Budd

  2. Andrew33 Andrew33 says:

    Budd says he still plans to run against Lynch in the regular election as this one will be a “special election”. At least that is what I overheard in a conversation at the last REC meeting. I think that is a good thing for our representatives to know that they are replaceable so they do a better job. I like both Budd and Lynch and was torn about who to vote for. I think Lynch has a better chance of winning as he has more funding, but Budd ran a really good campaign and they were about equal on knowledge of the issues. I thought that whole mess was somewhat infantile between Lynch and Budd. Honestly, was Budd going to support a liberal socialist over someone with the same views as him? If so, then issues weren’t as important to him as he let on.

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