Meet Ed Lynch, I did and was most impressed.

I am doing this to support a good candidate in an important race. Local Republican candidate and associate, who I am supporting for Congress, Ed Lynch made an appearance on “Red Eye on Fox News this morning (3:00 A.M. Fox News) For those of you unfamiliar with “Red Eye”, think of it as libertarian political late night comedy. Sorta like a “libertarian” Letterman, but funny, and with a slight potty mouth.

Ed Lynch is running for congress in District 19, being vacated by Robert Wexler (can we get a hooray???). Lynch is currently filling out a similar e-mail Q@A to others posted here. Already endorsed by DC works for US, and the local crew at 850A.M. led by Joyce Kaufman, (can we get another round of applause), Ed Lynch http://www.electlynch.com/ is the primary winner making him the only choice, but having looked up Mr. Lynch’s records objectively, I can’t find any reason to oppose him.

He is campaigning as a “conservative” i.e. “tea party” Republican. The local media is running a smear campaign on Lynch right now. Given the ideological leanings of our local media, I’d be far more skeptical of him if our media supported him. Lynch also played a role in exposing Wexler’s corruption. That really makes winning this this seat important to us here as it would really cement a victory for us bloggers and the conservative media.

Lynch will also be speaking at CPAC on the illegal immigration issue. If Wexlers’ seat gets filled by a liberal dem, then all our work will be for nothing. Having spoken to Lynch now several times I believe he will cause Nancy Pelosi’s Botox dialysis machine to need a double dose. I hope you readers will get behind Lynch and give him any support you can both in a financially and on the blogosphere. Electing folks like Lynch into seats being vacated by “fire breathing liberals” is of the utmost importance if we want to really neuter Mr. Obama a.k.a. Chairman Zero. So lets get all the help we can here as you have seen what replacing one liberal with one moderate can do in the Senate, but soon we will be able to elect a whole army of pro-liberty candidates to the house and senate. Among the first of which will April 13th which will be the special election to replace Wexler.

If there is anything any of you can do to help us win this seat and continue the momentum with the wins in VA, NJ, and NJ and MA, please give us Floridians, and Ed Lynch your support.

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