Replacing Incumbents

I was at the REC meeting and heard Budd’s announcement. Supposedly he still intends to run against Lynch in the main election. So he is doing the right thing now by supporting the winner. I think that if politicians know they will face stiff competition, they are far more careful to avoid corruption which is also not really a bad thing. I liked both Budd and Lynch so I endorsed neither until after the primary election. Our election laws have been rewritten to give massive support to incumbents, and changing this needs to be a plank in the platform of the 9/12 movement. Face it, the longer a senator or Congressman/woman gains power through duration. The progressives who hijacked the Dems and some in the Repub party are holdovers from the 60’s radicals. Look at “foot in mouth” Biden, Nancy Pelotox, Harry (hairy nostrils) Reid and John Mccain. Think about this, can you name one member of the Senate leadership that is under 50?

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