Motivational Seminar on March 15 at Bank Atlantic Center in FLL

If you’ve ever had a chance to go to a motivational seminar, then you know how you come out pumped up and ‘ready to go’. This seminar does require an all day commitment, but the price of $4.95/person or $19 for a group can’t be beat. While it is probably directed at business people, the topics are applicable to everything we’re trying to accomplish too. Don’t we need Perseverence, Achievement, Leadership, Teamwork, Sales & Negotiation, Business Skills and Competitiveness to take back our country?

Take a look here.


One Response to “Motivational Seminar on March 15 at Bank Atlantic Center in FLL”
  1. Bartley Naran says:

    it was really good had alot of inspirational moments!

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