PBC begins implementation of IG/Ethics Commission ordinances

I am serving (on behalf of grassroots – eg sfl912 and sflteaparty) on the Implementation Advisory Committee.  I’d like to point all of us who were active on changing the ordinances for the  IG/Ethic Commission to new features on the PBC website – so you can stay abreast of the implementation activities:

If you go to the main  Palm Beach County website you will see a tab entitled Ethics/Inspector General.  Clicking on that will bring you to all the meeting minutes, upcoming meetings, ordinances and in the future training materials.  You can go direction to the Ethics section..   In the future, when the office of the IG has its own website, there will still be a link to it from within the PBC website as well.

All members of the Ethics Commission have now been appointed by their respective groups: Members of the Ethics Commission

The members of the Implementation Advisory Committee are here: Implementation Advisory Committee

The staff and the advisory committee tentatively will meet at 3pm on the 2nd Wed of each month.  Location tbd, but it will be posted on the PBC website.  The meeting room used today was the 12fl conference room in the county bldg and there were about 15-20 seats for ‘members of the public’, as all meetings are open.  Dennis Lipp was there, as was a couple just moving to PBC who had both worked for the IG in Miami.

Next week, on Tuesday 2/23 at 4pm, the fully-seated Ethics Commission, plus the State Attorney and Public Defender will be attending an abbreviated overview session – to cover more briefly the same topics as on today’s agenda, as well as to discuss how to whittle down what is expected to be a large number of resumes for the jobs of Inspector General, and Executive Director for the Ethics Commission.  The advisory committee will also be in attendance.  This will be the first opportunity, for those interested, to see the Ethics Commission/Selection Committee.

The creation of the Charter Amendment for the November ballot, will be a separate activity.  Marty Rogol (of the Palm Beach Ethics Initiative and a member of the implementation advisory committee) suggested that we (South Florida Teaparty and South Florida 912 Project) work with them on a campaign to publicize and motivate the public to vote for the Amendment.  The PBC staff will be working with the League of Cities on the Charter Amendment – so we may all want to be on the lookout for those meetings and participate as much as we can.

All of you worked hard on making the Ordinances as independent as possible.  Now the ‘devil is in the details’ 😉


One Response to “PBC begins implementation of IG/Ethics Commission ordinances”
  1. Looking forward to attending the meetings and I hope others go as well! Thanks Iris for representing us!

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