Action needed!

That is the title for my life right now :). I am so excited to see people like Karin getting excitied and looking to make a difference. It took a lot of courage for her and the other leaders to take the time off of work and families and spend money to go up to DC and meet with Steele. I admire those that are willing to go the distance. Are you one of those go the distance kind of people? I am surrounded by people in our core leader group that is, however there are so many complacent patriots out there. Where are you? What project are you working on? What books are you reading? What friends have you brought to a meeting or a group? Are you working on Tami Donnally’s campaign, Ed lynch, Allen West, Austin Paris, Francisco, or Mike Lameyer or Marco Rubio’s? If you have not answered yes to any of the above then what are you doing? If you tell me stocking up food and buying gold then you preparing for the end game but what about the journey? Get active and make a difference today, not tomorrow.

Judith wrote to me the other day telling me how she has been having little potlucks at her house inviting friends over for a meal and fellowship talking about books and politics. This a great way to take the lead with friends and neighbors in your community. Start a book club and post it on the site and we can blog our comments. Let me know and we can get you started.

I just finished making lunch for tomorrow for my family and then at the same time making dinner for tonight. We are having steak and home made salsa and brown rice with pineapple and broccoli. Just like a well balanced meal each of us have a place in the group and in this movement so find your spot and lets take action together.


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  1. Mike Lameyer Mike Lameyer says:

    Sent on: Friday, February 19, 2010 1:43 PM

    Thanks you very much for the insightful email and comments from your heart.
    Later, Mike Lameyer

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