This is for everyone that thinks because you are a Republican , you are a CONSERVATIVE. A lot of us watch FOX and think the people with shows support our movement. Well the LEFT WING, BLUEBLOOD ,RINO REPUBLICANS hate us. ACCORDING to O’REILLY, we are on the fringe and are a bunch of LOONS. His attack, immediately after his LEFTIST OPENING ,on SARAH PALIN for supporting us was disgusting! He would have been even more vehement , but then he would have exposed himself to his audience as the true LIBERAL that he is.

There are too many Republicans trying┬áto appease our movement, so we will put them back in power, but they could care less about our ideas and more importantly, about our CONSERVATIVE ideas! They just want your vote.┬áRemember the reason Obama and the Demo’s are in power is because of the left turn, BIG TENT REPUBLICANS ,George Bush, Karl Rove, John McCain, etc, etc, etc. Those of you who vote Republican thinking it will “CHANGE D.C.” are in for a Big Surprise!

Now the Democommies say they are going after the LEADERS in our movements, but we don’t really have any. We don’t have a FIGURE-HEAD like they do and they just can’t understand that!! And if one goes down, there are 1000 to take their place. The Democommies just don’t understand what a TRUE Grassroot-movement is. Theirs have always been Fake! The Republicans are so against a 3rd Party because they know it will put them and their left turn ways out of power. The Democommies are just afraid of us! Some of us are going to have to stand up and represent what our movement stands for. Who we vote for will not make the difference. We will make the difference.

Everyday I hear the REPUBLICAN Talk show Hosts, Rush, Sean, Laura, saying how Great the Republicans are and a 3rd Party is not the answer. Don’t be fooled by Republican Propaganda! Don’t be fooled by Demo Propaganda! Stand up for YOUR Principles and do not compromise. Let them come to you!! Let them clean up their own Party, why should we vote them in and then work to clean them up! Our work needs to go to what WE started! These two parties have already failed! We need to encourage people from our movement to run for OFFICE, not from these miserable Parties!

We are the “CHANGE”


  1. swathdiver swathdiver says:

    So I wasn’t the only one who’s taken notice! Let’s hope he doesn’t rub off on Glenn.

    O’Reilly has an agenda and it doesn’t agree with ours. I’ve been wanting to throw things at the TV when he demeans us and puts forth false premise after false premise it’s been driving me nuts! Ohh, I can’t throw anything at the tv, too broke to buy my wife another right now! It’s almost like watching Keith Overbite or Rachel Mancow, almost!

    I made a rough outline tonight of O’Reilly’s subversive acts and as the time presents itself to write something up and post it throughout the Patriot Community. His treatment of the Oathkeepers fellow was outrageous!

    Beck at 8pm, Cavuto at 5pm and O’Reilly at 4pm!


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