Escape from Camelot

This was received by info@southflorida912.org from William Santy of Chicopee, Massachusetts. Possibly some wisdom for the CD-19 campaign.

February 2010
Chicopee, Massachusetts

Thank you conservatives in Florida for your words of encouragement and donations during the Scott Brown/Martha Coakley campaign.

While the national media gave us the broad, overall picture of the Scott Brown campaign there were many heart-stirring, tear-jerking events that took place below the surface that no one is focusing on. …Just days before it was time to vote there was a deep soul-searching decision by hundreds of Massachusetts residents who decided to escape from Camelot and embrace reality. A sense of urgency seemed to grip the heart and allow the haze to lift from the eyes of lifelong Democrats who came to realize that Camelot is not a tranquil state of mind but a cerebral dungeon. The trickle soon turned into a torrent of individuals who suddenly understood that the tingling sensation of being liked and accepted by everyone else held captive in Camelot was highly overrated.

One of the things that caused this sudden awakening was the fact that–out of a sense of desperation–many Massachusetts conservatives dropped the benign smiles and make-believe chit-chat with friends and relatives who had (some of them for decades) blindly and blissfully voted for every Democrat on the ballot, and diplomatically confronted them for the first time. The “pretense barrier” was shattered, and this made all the difference in the election of Scott Brown.

Many conservatives convinced friends and family that mindlessness when it comes to voting is a menace to our nation and that each time we cast a vote we sow a seed. Below the surface of the Scott Brown there was, without question, a brave, breathtaking and joyful escape from from delusion to embrace reality and Truth. It was at kitchen tables all over Massachusetts where desperate conservatives confronted “Mechanical Democrats” and convinced them that the time has arrived to take the focus of self and to embrace individual responsibility.

William Santy
Chicopee, Massachusetts

P.S. Being liked and accepted by society is a very powerful human trait and the prime reason why many cling to and go-with-the-flow of popular opinion. Many who blindly and compulsively cling to and identify with “Democrat” have developed an acceptance addiction but do not realize it.
I believe that those who were set free from this compulsive behavior during the Scott Brown campaign will be the most vocal in convincing others to escape from Camelot, just like many who are set free from drugs or alcohol go on a mission to convince others to escape from their addiction.

We all have friends and relatives that we love who are addicted to “Democrat.” We see no logical reason for them to habitually and blindly vote for every Democrat on the ballot because it is obvious that the Democrat political platform is diabolical in nature. The one thing that made it easy to escape from the Camelot Bandwagon during the Scott Brown campaign was the fact that those held captive on the Camelot Bandwagon needed only to transfer to another “bandwagon” :

The silent-no-more conservatives in Massachusetts were spirred on by letters of encouragement from fellow conservatives in every state in the union which, without question, contributed to a ground-swell like I have not seen in 50 years of political involvent in Massachusetts. ..”Come Along and Ride This Train” seemed to be the underlying theme of this conservative movement (bandwagon) as the Scott Brown campaign progressed which made it easier for those those held captive on the Camelot bandwagon to “transfer” over to.

Silent no more. We send our sons and daughters to fight wars in foreign lands but there is another war that must be fought by us at the “kitchen table”. We all have sweet and loving friends and relatives who have a dependence on and compulsion to identify with Democrat and who are, unwittingly, a menace to our nation. The pretense barrier was shattered during the Scott Brown campaign and that had a significance impact on the outcome of the election. There is every reason to believe that conservatives in every state can expect to win more local political races if we drop the make believe chit-chat and diplomatically encourage mechanical Democrats to take the focus off self and embrace individual responsibility.

We live in exciting times,
Thank you conservatives in Florida for your support and letters of encouragement during the Scott Brown campaign.

William Santy


2 Responses to “Escape from Camelot”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Also food for thought in talking to anyone who blindly votes for either party.

  2. Good comments and a great letter! It is time to reach out and talk to those around you sharing ideas in a friendly nature not as “us” against “them” it is we the people striving “together” for what is best for our country. Solution? Invite friends over for dinner, talk to people at church. Spread the word. You are obligated to it as an American.

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