Local Florida Speakers at CPAC

South Florida is well represented this year at CPAC. Marco Rubio gave the keynote address, Ed Lynch spoke at a panel on illegal immigration, and Allen West had both a  panel on Jihad as well as a 15 minute address on Saturday afternoon. Watch their speeches here.
(NOTE: You can watch the CPAC Finale with Glenn Beck HERE)
Also, check out the Post on Politics stories on Allen West and Edward Lynch.

Marco Rubio

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Edward Lynch

Lt. Colonel Allen West


3 Responses to “Local Florida Speakers at CPAC”
  1. I really enjoyed the speeches and Glenn Becks was the best closing home run of All! We in South Florida have been well represented now we just need to get the best conservative candidates voted into office.

  2. Larry Mohr says:

    I loved hearing Allen West say that at his Methodist Church he never heard his pastors slander or curse this country..great line. However do not trust Rubio half as far as i could throw him. I urge all Floridians and CPAC to check his “conservative record” before voting for him or having him speak at a conservative gathering.

  3. Larry you are so right about Allen is was a great line dropped my jaw for sure then I laughed. In regards to Rubio with any candidate we must investigate and then make the best decision.

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