One Year Anniversary PARTY – “We Surround Them”


When: Sunday, March 7, 2010 2:00 PM


4636 Jog rd.
Greenacres, FL 33467

Big Big news

We will all reconvene once again to commemorate our first gathering of the South Florida 912.

I remember when Glenn called us together to find others who felt isolated and alone when it came to their beliefs and we did come together and we found so may people who were concerned about the direction the country was going.

350 people at the first event!

Let us all gather again in a Rally for America and and a Rally to remind us how far we have come! BRING A FRIEND !

There will be special guests, and a special Agenda.

We will be showing footage from the first meeting and pictures and video’s from various events from throughout the year including pictures from OUR March on Washington DC.

We are planning door prizes!

Gift certificates, Raffles and 50/50 drawing will be held.

We have the restaurant ready and eager for all of us to come out and have a great time! Thanks to Peter the owner at McKenna’s 15% of the profits will go to the South Florida 912 to help us to continue in our efforts. We also need your help and support by purchase things like Pocket Constitutions, Flags, wrist bands ect.

Our Charity this month, will be Missionary Flights International and we ask everyone who comes to help “Fill the Van” Supplies that are needed most is first aid items, blankets / sheets, dry goods ex. Cereal bars, chips ect. Hand sanitizer and even personal items for women. Tooth brushes, paste, soap, shampoos ect. 

So please RSVP and bring a friend who missed out on a piece of History last year to come out this year and help us celebrating BRINGING AMERICA BACK TO THE PEOPLE !!! 

One year ago things look bleak!

Take a look at our Journey…

  • We had a protest April 15th
  • We Rallied at Wexlers and Kliens
  • We Rallied against the media
  • We supported Israel in Rally’s
  • We Went to Health Care Town Hall Forums
  • We Stopped Reckless landfill Spending
  • We Helped pass The Inspector General in Palm Beach County
  • We Marched on Washington
  • We Rallied for America
  • We marched in parades!
  • Worked on Gun shows
  • We supported our Veterans!
  • We have met in each others homes.
  • We supported various charities ranging from food for the homeless, Adopt a family and Haiti
  • We rolled out a new Interactive Web site with over 2000 hits a month http://southflorida912.org/
  • We supported Scott Brown and Won!
  • We have laughed, cried, prayed together!
      Let us have a day of Celebration!YOU ALL deserve IT BECAUSE WE SURROUND THEM!GREAT JOB 912ERSSee you there!




      South Florida 912 team

      Shannon, Doug, Ed, Fred, Iris, Roberto, Dennis, Larry, Cherilyn, David, Ken, Jeane, Merylee, Maria, Jason, Jim, Mathew

      Learn more HERE

      The food and drink will have a cost however the friendship and camaraderie will be PRICELESS.

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4 Responses to “One Year Anniversary PARTY – “We Surround Them””
  1. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    The 9-12 group really has shaped me in a way that I can only fully grasp through reflection. It seems like just yesterday I got an e-mail from The CPOF chairman about the event, and I had no idea what was going on, but the name intrigued me and I showed up.

    As a citizen candidate I have been associated (shamelessly, no other way) with the group and I’m definitely going to make sure I can attend this reunion of sorts.

    Plus, McKenna’s wings are the best!

  2. Looking forward to seeing you Austin! Please invite your friends!

  3. Jason Jason says:

    Peter has been very supportive on our 9-12 anniversary event. THNXS PETER

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