Brown’s Blunder

This was actually a PS to my Glenn Beck blog today, but due to its length, I decided to make it separate even though the final analysis I mentioned before doesn’t nor will ever change for me.

While as some of you know, I joined the ranks of those that did some personal campaigning for Scott Brown via emails, calls, and texting, I’m not really surprised by his vote yesterday.  I obviously don’t live up there anymore, but I saw him as the “anyone but Coakley” candidate.

I mention the above because a very conservative lady friend of mine who operates a well-known blog on Facebook and is “one of us” expressed just before he was sworn in that she liked him very much.  I agreed but reminded her that no matter how good they look, sound, and smell, we all need to watch every one of them like a hawk and hold them accountable for their actions as it is the nature of politicians to say one thing and do another.  As Harry Truman once said, (loosely quoted)….”politics is the second oldest profession in the world and bears a striking resemblance to the first.”

Back to the freshman from Massachusetts; he was given his chance and as a now seated senator, Scott Brown will enjoy a handsome lifetime “salary” and medical benefit no matter how well or badly, (replace conservative and liberal with well or badly respectively) he may perform, even if he only serves one full term.

Speaking of a full term, as far as I know, much like the Florida’s District 19, his seat will come back up for grabs soon enough.  If he continues to perform as he just did and take non-conservative stands on issues, the voters up there could very well decide to see how well the taillights on his much ballyhooed truck work and send his sorry butt back home.

Rest assured that when I am next in the company of Ed Lynch, Alan West, or whoever, I would remind them that if elected, all of us in our combined groups will be watching to ensure they vote like the conservatives they’ve sold themselves as.  We are strong enough to help get them in, and therefore strong enough to help get them out!

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