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I sent the following note to Rep. Grayson and Sen. Nelson today.  I hear people say they don’t know what to say, so I thought I’d share this.  If you would like, feel free to use it in any way that works for you.  The only thing I did was change who I was writing to and who I wanted each of them to contact.

Senator Nelson,

As a member of the South Florida 912 organization, it has come to my attention that the overwhelming public outcry against the current administration’s Health Care reform initiatives are once again being ignored as this bill is being brought to the Senate floor yet again.

With all due respects sir, what part of NO concerning government involvement with our health care do the members of the Senate and House not understand? Please allow me to re-state without reservation that the vast majority of the American people do not want this or any version of it.

As a private citizen and a member of a growing organization, I urge you to re-consider how you vote, and to contact all of Florida’s House members and urge them to stop this bill. Please recognize that your continued service in the senate and all of the house members seats rest on this issue.


David DiCrescenzo


5 Responses to “Senate and Congressional Letters”
  1. yorkiemum Victoria Thiel says:

    This is an excellent letter. Much too respectful for Grayson – who considers everyone but those sharing his views, idiots. I fear however, both will do nothing more than send a form letter telling you they know best.

    • David DiCrescenzo David DiCrescenzo says:


      You are absolutely correct; they will do nothing more than send a canned letter. But the way I see it, until they’re gone, let their staff spend time opening tons of such letters. The good news is that both of them will hopefully be doing something else by this time next year.

      • May says:

        Perhaps their is nothing the American people can really do ….
        Seems as though ….. all the folks in Washington want what they want …..
        Seems as though they are not, do not …. perhaps …. care not to listen to the people ……..
        Seems as though the American people are getting this and more rammed down the throat because those in power “know” what is best for us the American people …..

        What has happened to our freedom … our choice …. !

        • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

          Let me tell you something, we still have the power in OUR hands. It lies in electing state and local-level representation that truly represents us to be our bulwarks of our values and beliefs on our behalf to our national and regional leaders. Without this we have top-down leadership, and I can only think of one think recently that ever really trickled down from the top, and you all know what it is and I can’t say it here.

          If we elect who we are to the State legislature, Atty general, Governor, County Commission, Mayor, etc, we’ll control our own destiny, and we can truly surround them in an official way.

          Don’t get discouraged, get motivated!

  2. Douglas Armstrong says:

    I appreciate how hard you’ve worked recently, Dave. You’ve had some real thought provoking stuff up here lately – “Health Care Reform” is now LAW, unfortunately… (although CONGRESS neatly inserted their own EXEMPTION from the plan, of course!!)…

    We still have much work to do, in the push to the 2010 November election. Keep writing, Dave!!

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