got rallies?

Both the South Florida 912 Project and the South Florida Tea Party had rallies on this cloudy, rainy Saturday.  First, the South Florida Tea Party assembled in honor of the 1 year Tea Party anniversary of Rick Santelli’s Rant on CNBC (2/19/09).  A crowd of 30-50 showed up at noon on the corners of Okeechobee and Military Trail.  (Another group stood at PGA and Military Trail.)  Everett Wilkinson, one of the founders of the group and its leader and spokesman, took a video of the participants with signs protesting government spending, the size of government,the health-care reform bill, West Palm Beach term limits, and  numerous other issues.  Ed Lynch, candidate for Congressional District 19 stood with us.  There was a lot of traffic at the fast moving intersection and we got the usual honks and thumbs up as well as some not so favorable hand gestures.

Next was the South Florida 912 Project’s Rally for America with Elizabeth at Okeechobee and 441.  People lined up with their signs around the corner as the 50 or so demonstrators joined Elizabeth Andrijauskas.  There was slightly less traffic at this intersection and the cars went by somewhat slower but we got a lot more honks so this neighborhood was more supportive.  Candidates Lynch and Tami Donnally (Florida House 85) joined us as well as Dennis Lipp (Vice Mayor of Loxahatchee Groves).  Joe Budd came with a giant flag.  People from as far away as Miami participated.  South Florida 912 Project co-founders Shannon and Doug Armstrong mixed with the crowd and spoke with Everett when he joined us at this rally too.  The mist turned into a heavy drizzle as the crowd persisted with umbrellas and ponchos.

As many of us transition to activist activities directly helping candidates for public office, it’s important to make a visible statement every so often so that the public knows that the ‘sleeping giant’ is still awake!


3 Responses to “got rallies?”
  1. Great day! It was so much fun to see so many people out there! We even had people stop by and and want to know more so they could join us the next time we are out and join us at the next event! I continue to appreciate all of you! Look for us next month same intersection to support Elizabeth as well as our country!

  2. Andrew33 says:

    My dad and I went down to Oakland Park and had a blast. It was his first tea party so he didn’t know what to expect. He was suprised to see braveheart, Ben Franklin and such an enthusiastic response from the traffic. My family has always had a stigma towards protests that went back to the 60s and the antiwar hippie movement. However, our soldiers have fought and died for generations for us to be able to protest freely. He was suprised at the sophistication and work put into the signage, and at the enthusiasm demonstrated by the passers by. Using the traffic as a poll, we have lots of support among the people. He was also suprised by the few passers by who felt it necessarry to voice obscenities, or obscene gestures along with their support for the current regime. the high point of the day came when a pro-healthcare supporter came to pick a fight because our “racist” agenda was only oit to stop obama from saving the country and we were out to deny her right to healthcare. She was upset because she could not afford her healthcare insurance AND her Hummer payment. Needless to say, that was a battle she was destined to lose.
    Overall, it was a great day, and my dad really enjoyed using his Constutional Rights to free speech and assmbly and has a new respect for the “Tea Party” movement. His last comment about it was, he didn’t realize that it would truly be a “party.”

  3. Delia Garcia Menocal says:

    In spite of the weather, enthusiasm was high as usual. It feels great to mix with people that think alike and came out to support Elizabeth and our nation.

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