Latest round of healthcare debate a fraud?

Yes, I am as sick of the obamacare debate as you are. We are all against it. That is clear to everyone, even the President. Yet he is rolling out a slightly revised version of the Senate healthcare bill. Why? Does he think because he threw a table scrap or two to Republicans that they will vote for this, when we are so close to election time? Doubt it. Does he think he will get the votes on the dem side of the House of representatives this close to election time? Unlikely. I think he is doing this to give Dems a chance to vote against healthcare so when Repubs and advocacy groups go after Dems with ads over their past votes for healthcare, they can say that they listened to their angry constituents and voted against it. It is the classic “I was for it before I was against it maneuver” that cost John Kerry the Presidency in 04 and will come back to haunt Dems this time. I think the folks have woke up to the fact that this regime is playing such games and will continue to do so until election time. I did not realize how much of the population is now with us until I attended a Tea Party on a busy street corner in Ft. Lauderdale Florida. I will post on that soon, but I was really surprised at how many cars passing by were supporting us. The vast majority of passers by were supportive and many stopped and joined us. We had a few morons who shouted “obama” and gave the obama is #1 sign” but there were less than I could count on both hands, and there were supporters on every side every time the light turned. I have been to several of those and never seen that much support. It was great. If those numbers translate to the 2010 midterms, we will be in very good shape.

Let me say also that Ft. Lauderdale is not “a most conservative area.” In fact, it is quite liberal and was a good place to have a tea party and see how much support we have, and I left there excited for the future of the movement and the country.The people see us for what we are, patriots who are simply exercising our right to free speech and if they see us positively, then the probably see their incumbent politicians negatively and that is a good thing. These people will not fall for this ploy to give incumbents who supported obamacare a chance to vote against it. Sorry Mr. obama, you are too late!!!!

The sign above was at the Oakland Park tea party Saturday. The cartoon pic of Obama is my own artwork and the logo above right is all over the internet.

This was originally posted at my own blog “K.O.O.K.’s Manifesto”

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