Jupiter Town Council Election

I think all that we do starts at the lowest levels of government. Even school board members matter. I’m not sure how many if any members live in Jupiter. I bring this up because I believe that there is a candidate for town council in Jupiter that reflects our values. I would like to hear anybody’s opinion. I’m talking about Lew Lax. Here is a clip from his web site:

As an experienced businessman, I know the value of running our town of Jupiter as a business and treating the Residents of Jupiter as ‘Valued Customers’.”
– Lew Lax
Decades of Business Experience
Governing must be founded in business experience, common sense, and accountability to our residents.
Speed Up The Permitting Process
Streamline the permitting process and lower costs for residents and small businesses.
Riverwalk Project
Make sure the Riverwalk project doesn’t become a taxpayer burden.
Keep our Historic Small Town
Neighborhoods Beautiful
Without a 4 track train expansion and ugly parking lots that go needlessly along with it.
Against Res. 63-08
Our current council has voted themselves employees of Jupiter with health & pension benefits.
Term Limits
Term limits ensure Council is Visible and responsive to ALL of Jupiter, not their personal agendas.
Jupiter Residents Really Need Value For Their Dollars and Common Sense Budgeting without Tax and Water hikes.

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