Short primer on the Florida Legislative Session

The Florida Legislature is in session. See session dates here.

The House and Senate websites both have good search features to allow you to find bills by number, but the Senate website is a little more cluttered – so I’ll use the House website for a short primer:

Let’s say you want to find all bills with the word ‘immigration’ in them. On the House website cover page, click on Search Bill Text tab at the top, leave the chamber as House, and type in the word immigration and click on ‘GO’. The site will bring up all the bills in the House containing the word and the latest status of the bill, the sponsor, the bill number, etc. You can click on the bill title for more information. From that same page you can select House, Senate or Both to get all bills with the text you wish to find. You can also find all bills by number, type, sponsor and some other criteria.

You don’t have to rely on the Palm Beach Post or the Sun-Sentinel to follow what’s going on. Do your own research on the topics that you’re interested in!

Feel free to comment with questions if you need help in finding something.

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