A Jihadist





I believe life is so precious, it is worth dying for. A jihadist believes, life is so meaningless, it is not worth living for.

I believe the kingdom of heaven is within me, I experience God’s grace and goodness. I believe my reward is here and now, for the Lord rewards the faithful. It is from the moment of inspiration, my rebirth, the moment I say, “yes Lord” to the moment of my death which will be judged. During this life, with this heart and through these deeds; I will present myself to the Lord. I will go to him with a open and happy heart. Not as the child I was, or the sinner I tried to change, or the seeker I became, but as the man who said “yes Lord, I will” and took my path forward in his name. It wasn’t that I served, or gave, or spoke or wrote, it was simply that I prayed and behaved so my life would be a blessing to everyone. The Lord prepares my place in heaven, here and now, as I live my life. My life is rich and rewarding because this is the nature of the Lord, I have my faith to prove it. I believe faith is the foundation, love is the answer and forgiveness is the key.

A jihadist believes the kingdom of heaven is outside of himself. Heaven is a place to go, rather than the path, the light and the life. The jihadist believes heaven is somewhere else, making his reward apart from him, in a realm separate from the life. The jihadist believes everyone should make their life a blessing for him. He believes everyone else’s life can be forfeited for his greatest and for his reward.

Our president, has called these terrorist attacks, man made events. In the sense that the terrorist attack is an action of a man, as a tribute to himself, for himself and a tribute to the god he made, our president is right. In the sense you can blame the religion not the truly religious, he is right. However, Mr. President, for this travesty, we as men demand justice not revenge. Enmity is not racism, it is not profiling. Enmity is based on behavior. As men we live by the rule of law. The jihadist see all of life as a mechanism, to be ruled and controlled. A mechanism which can be activated by a simple flip of a switch. How convenient, flip the switch and go to heaven.


As Christians, we believe there is no spiritual growth without moral integrity, emotional maturity, discipline, focus and purpose. We live by these principles, so we may have the life we aspire to, the vision we treasure. How could anyone hold these principles to be true and kill other people, even his own children for the sake of these benevolent ideals. The answer is, it can not be. The answer is, life is not a mechanism. Life is not ruled by these man made laws, be they Muslim or otherwise. The rule of law is only for those who have lost their way and will at least find justice at the end of their path. Mr. President, do not stand against justice, without justice there is nothing at all.

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