As Toyota’s troubles continue to mount . . .

You might remember a blog entry I posted a few weeks ago “suggesting” some untoward behavior on the part of our Glorious Leader’s administration and the safety — or lack thereof — allegations of Toyota’s entire fleet of vehicles.  Well, it appears I’m not the only one with those types of conspiratorial thoughts on this issue.


Something else ocurred to me this morning in a moment of clarity while waiting for a train to clear my path: Why not Lexus?  Lexus is Toyota’s “top shelf” brand, right?  Is it THAT much better than your garden-variety Toyota, that they intentionally outfit them with better-quality gas pedals in them?  My guess would be that it’s the exact same part, the same way you can’t tell a Ford Edge and a Lincoln MKZ apart aside from the tail lights; or a Volkwagen Touareg and a Porsche Cayenne; or a Mazda 6 and an Infiniti G35. . . . . . I could go on here, but I won’t.  Yet, not a single Lexus is part of any of the recalls?  Is it just me?


2 Responses to “As Toyota’s troubles continue to mount . . .”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Lexus and Prius are definitely part of the recalls as this press release/FAQs from Toyota show. So the high end of the line is equally vulnerable.


  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    First mention I’ve seen of Lexus. Interesting. The ABS system is the same in both brands, but the acceleration system is not? That seems unlikely, too. I was looking at my latest issue of Consumer Reports this morning, the 2010 automobile ratings, and they had no ratings for any Toyotas because of the acceleration problems — not negative, just abstention — but all of the Lexus’ (Lexi?) were still recommended. It struck me as funny, however, to read in each blurb of their Lexus recommendations, phrases like “built on the Camry platform”, or
    “an upscaled version of the Land Cruiser”, with no mention of the recall for those products.

    I’m going to let the issue go for now, because I think I might be tap dancing very close to the line you cross when you become a conspiracy theory whacko, but if anyone else has some insight to add here, please do.

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