Unite or Die – A Poem by Alexa an 11 year old Patriot

The sky was bleak and gray, fire in the ground. Now what was once gray, Is blue and gay. Once we were silent, without a sound, when the fire was in the ground. Now we Yell! Life is no longer hell. Once we sat back and drank soda telling ourselves that It’ll be OK. Now we STAND and we do not pout when our lives fail, we are no longer frail. This feeling will not stay, It I promise will again be gray some deny it and others riot. However I will stand and speak. I’ll ensure my life will not be bleak. NO ONE can silence me, NO ONE can make me believe what they believe. I will stand strong because I will die with dignity. I won’t die in shame. I will even take the blame. I will believe what I want to believe and I care not if I succeed, because I will try and try again. My war, our war will not end. I will not be shy, UNITE OR DIE. I am not an animal that should be held in a sty, enforcing freedom I WILL TRY. I want LIFE, not STRIFE. I want LIBERTY, not a place that I want to flee. I DEMAND the pursuit of HAPPINESS. So will you sit and be led a stray? Or will WE STAND UP TODAY? What do you choose? I choose not to lose. I want to be free not restrained.


3 Responses to “Unite or Die – A Poem by Alexa an 11 year old Patriot”
  1. Iris Iris says:

    Alexa – you truly understand and capture what the Founding Fathers fought for and freedoms we strive to retain. I’m proud to stand with you!.

  2. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Beautifully said. Someone should put it to music.

  3. BIg Al says:

    Alexa….Amazing, Absolutely Amazing.We all feel the same. Let’s see what we do about it. Big Al

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