Political Parties of Florida

The following table lists the “minor” political parties (SOE terminology, not mine) that are registered with the Supervisor of Elections.  Some have websites and can be found to obviously lean left or right.  Others are harder to discern.  This will be useful information as we engage the voters on behalf of our candidates as call sheets typically identify a person’s party identification.

If anyone has knowledge about these parties and what they stand for, please comment.

Abbreviation Party Name Leans
AFP America First Party of Florida
AIP America’s Independent Party of Florida Right
APF American Party of Florida Right
AMP American Patriot Party
ARP American Reform Party of Florida Right
BRS British Reformed Sectarian Party Right
CHR The Christian Party
CPF Constitution Party of Florida Right
ECO Ecology Party of Florida Left
FAP Faith & Patience Inc. N.P.G.G.
FVP Family Values Party
FWP Florida Whig Party Right
GRE Green Party of Florida, Inc. Left
IDF Independent Democrats of Florida
IDP Independence Party of Florida Right
INT Independent Party of Florida
LIB Libertarian Party of Florida Right
MOD The Moderate Party
OBJ Objectivist Party of Florida
POS Possibility Party
PRL Progressive Libertarian Party Right
PRO Prohibition Party
PSL Party for Socialism and Liberation – Florida Left
REF Reform Party Right
RFP Real Food Party of the United States of America
SPA Surfers Party of America
SPF Socialist Party of Florida
SWP Florida Socialist Workers Party
TEA Tea Party
TLP Term Limits for the United States Congress Party
TVP Twelve Visions Party of Florida
UNI Unity08
VET Veterans Party of America

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