Protest at Ron Klein’s Office

The joint rally, promoted by South Florida 9-12, South Florida Tea Party, and DC Works for Us, drew about 70 or so anti-Obamacare activists from 4:00pm to after 5, in front of Ron Klein’s office on Glades road in Boca Raton.

Another 20 or so pro-Obamacare folks also showed up, many with preprinted slick graphics and Organizing for America tee shirts.   There were some with hand made signs though – maybe a sign that the left isn’t totally astroturf.  For the most part they seemed a demoralized lot, but there was occasional singing heard from that end of the street. 

Shannon gave an interview to Channel 12 news, and quite a few of the participants made the trek up to the Congressman’s second floor office to sign the register and write down their personal plea to “kill the bill” or “start over again”.   At the start of the rally, there was a single police car, growing to 3-4 before 5:00 rolled around and they started preventing people from entering the building.   Everyone was nice though, and there was no unpleasantness (that I saw) between the groups.


8 Responses to “Protest at Ron Klein’s Office”
  1. A. Robbins says:


    I was at this event and the Pro Obama and Health Care Now group had lot more people than 70?

    The truth is more important than the distorted reality.. (Three times the number listed above were in favor of ObamaCare)

    • Fred Scheibl Fred Scheibl says:

      Counting, as we all know, is a somewhat objective activity. A casual glance at any of the pictures of the event would clearly show a much larger crowd west of the driveway where the “Kill the Bill” contingent was ensconced. The OFA and pro-reform folks were east of the drive and occupied a smaller area.

      At about 4:25pm, I conducted a headcount of both sides and found 24 pro-reform and 53 anti-reform. About 4:45pm, the crowd had swelled to 29 pro-reform and 71 anti-reform – about 2.5:1 against the bill. A headcount done on photographs yields similar numbers.

      The truth shall set you free.

      • A. Robbins says:

        I may not like everything in the current healthcare bill but it is a start and we can not wait..

        When President Obama meet with the Republican Caucus the question came up regarding the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program?

        The Republican ask “Why can’t we have a healthcare program that resembles the Federal Healthcare just like the one we all have?’

        Now if the Republicans want to push this program where any American or group of Americans want to buy into the plan why not give them the opportunity to do so. Because its a Federal program that can be taken to any state.

        This is NOT MEDICARE FOR ALL because it is NOT subsidized by Federal taxpayer funds.
        In the current Healthcare bill there are 161 Republicans amendments. The big one was the Senate Republicans that Killed the Single Payer part, then Killed the Public Option replaced it with Co-op system which makes this possible.

        We are all paying for people not covered to the tune of $1,115 dollars in our current premiums right NOW would it be nice to see some of that money back in our pockets.

        If we are able to in separate bills try to subsidize the above program for:

        1. For any US Citizen who can’t afford it.
        2. Develop a program for small business discounts.
        3. Set up a lifetime high-risk pool program for those who will require long-term treatment.
        4. In the FEHBP the States Insurance Departments have NO SAY, keep it that way.
        5. Limit administrative costs to a maximum of 8% each premium dollar not 15% to 30%.

        In short keep it simple so everyone can understand what we a getting and how it will improve healthcare in America.

        Outlining the major challenges facing the health care delivery system?

        I’m for a health care system that resembles the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program (FEHBP) and incorporate and expand Medicare, Medicaid and COBRA under FEHBP.

        1. Where there is real CHOICE of programs and physicians.

        2. Cost efficient health delivery system, which the Federal Government monitors closely and has a proven track record of controlling cost for over 20 years.

        3. Quality is tightly controlled through an Accreditation Process (NCQA).

        4. Only the best insurance companies can sell insurance to federal employees.

        5. Low co-pays and low deductibles, which curbs over utilization.

        6. A National Forms Standard Board that set the standard for Enrollment, Medical Records and Billing that uses the most modern computer methods and all insurance companies use the same approved forms.

        7. Limit administrative costs to a maximum of 8% each premium dollar. Leaving 92% of premium dollars for providing health care. Offer a Million Dollars or one dollar per subscriber incentive for those who bring administrative costs below 5%.

        8. Physician incentives programs – Malpractice insurance, Education programs etc.

        9. To find ways building the Health Care info structure and relieve the current shortages for Physicians, Nurses and supporting technical staff currently we now have.

        10. The best way to really lower health costs is finding cures for the most debilitating illnesses that require long-term care and providing a cost effective Home Care network.

        11. States are required to balance their budgets; with Federal control they will not be able to manipulate these funds.

        In finding common ground we can move forward and improve the cost of the healthcare delivery system.

        1. Have a National Medical Record Standard. Today hospitals and Insurance Companies use thousands for forms for their operations. By enforcing (NMRS) codes, which integrates optical scanning and other forms of computer technology for input, we can drastically reduce medical and hospital operations.

        2. Another advantage to (NMRS) the computer technology would finally create a national data base which will pin point health related problems and provide medical research in utilization and predicts emerging problems in different parts of our country.

        3. The health bills will also create jobs that cannot leave the country. We need to have incentive programs to encourage young people to be Physicians, Nurses and other medical technicians that will improve the healthcare delivery system much more efficiently.

        4. The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) has no precondition elimination or life time caps in any of its plans.

        NOTE: When we have full coverage for all Americans which is over 300 million people this will generate about 155 million new office visits annually to an already overburdened (112,000 GP Physicians and 588,000 Specialists) health care system. Physicians could see 10 to 12 patients an hour as compared to 5 to 8 patients now seen at some very busy offices. You could say it will be the biggest job creation stimulus program that will save lives and finally lower costs.

        • Austin Parris Parris85 says:

          Hey that’s good stuff Anthony. Guess what? You can solve all that BS with minimal government involvement. Repeal the HMO Act of 1973, let low-income medical care facilities take over to increase the availability of preventive care, stop subsidizing HMOs a la HMO act of 1973, and let doctors collectively bargain with HMOs on behalf of patients.

          Bam, no more rationed healthcare and without all the BS bureaucracy you dingbat-mocrats can’t seem to get through your skulls. This bill still embraces HMOs, which is the biggest problem which is SUBSIDIZED by the government and your precious savior Obama.


          • EdFulop EdFulop says:

            50 years of The Great Society, and look where we are. When you get health care, then you’ll say food is the right of every American. I guess shortly thereafter we’ll have Ipod subsidies and “No Plasma screen TV left behind” right? Stop waiting for the world to give you what you want you big baby.

    • EdFulop EdFulop says:

      Excuse me? Am I reading your rant correctly — A. Robbins — It is INcorrectly labelled above that there were 70 people there in favor of Obama and Health Care Now, and your contention is that there were 3 times that many there on the east side of the driveway? 200 people on a patch of grass that might have been 5 feet by 20 feet? I’ve heard of multiple personality disorder, but to create multiples of protestors out of the thin air is a new one.

      By the way, nice signs you guys had over there. Who printed them off for you; SEIU or OFA directly? Not exactly grass roots, are you?

  2. Roberto Roberto says:

    Mega dittos Ed, I was at the rally as well and according to my estimation we out number the Pro-Obama care group by 3 to 1. So if A.Robbins is saying that there were 210 Pro-Obama care supporters, according to her estimations, that means that there were 630 of us opposing.

  3. Roberto Roberto says:

    I forgot to add, that pictures don’t lie.

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