Time to Unite

the following is a letter to editor of the Palm Beach Post submitted on 3/19/10:

Dear Editor:

It breaks my heart to write these lines, but as an American who was born in Cuba and knows first hand the harm that could be done to any country by a “progressive, socialist, or communism” form of government, I consider it my duty to share with the readers my fear of what it could become of our beautiful nation if the present trend established by this administration continues.

It is scary to see how thousands of workers have lost their jobs, and a large number of Americans holding a college degree can’t find a place where to work. The economy is at its all times low…the education of our students is in jeopardy (no by lack of funds) but due to the need of bringing back the values, respect, discipline, proper curriculum, and truly professionals to the classrooms. At the time of this writing the Health Care Bill that the Majority leaders in Congress and Senate are trying to pass it anyway, (as it has reported) will cost us, the tax payers billions of dollars, a debt that even our grand-children will have to pay…also funds will be taken away from the seniors Medicare plan, etc. This is not the America that we know.

As I watch and read the news everyday I have a flash back of what happened to Cuba fifty one years ago and the people acted as if they were blind and deaf to what was coming their way.

A totalitarian form of government works just like a malignant cancer; that moves from inside out…destroying healthy cells in a way that when we find out (at times) it is too late, however…there are aggressive treatments for both. In the case of a nation it is for “WE THE PEOPLE” to do whatever it is in our power to control it like contacting our representatives and senators by sending faxes or e-mails, write letters (As I am doing now), calling their offices telling them our opinion, and above all, before the next election read about their platform and elect the ones that represent our philosophy and way of thinking.

The time has come for all of us to work together as a team and ask God Almighty to take care, protect, and bless our beautiful country, The United States of America, “The land of the free and The home of the brave.”

Thank you,

Mercedes M. Garcia


2 Responses to “Time to Unite”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    We are exactly where God wanted us to be. He gives us nothing we can’t handle. To quote a good friend to our group, “What lies before us and lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies WITHIN us.” Be strong.

  2. Delia Garcia Menocal says:

    I also experienced Communism in Cuba and feel that the Tea party movement is uniting all of us who understand what is happening in our beloved America. The principles for which this group stands are the ones that have always, in my opinion, characterized the people of our great nation. Making God the center of our lives will strengthen us to fight this nightmare that has invaded our country.

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