My day with Ed Lynch (and crew)

For those of you who don’t know, I spent most of my Saturday volunteering to help the Ed Lynch for Congress (District 19) and crew walk various neighborhoods, talking to residents and hanging door hangers on residences belonging to Republicans and Independents. I was impressed by Lynch and other volunteers who spent 6 hours continously walking door to door hanging door hangers and engaging the locals. We were extremely well recieved and most folks seem to be as unhappy with the affairs currently happening in DC as we are. What impressed me most of all was the fact that Ed Lynch was not in an office making phone calls, or barking orders to the workers like so many in congress do now. He was there doing just as much as anyone else. Those are the kind of people we need in DC, rather than those with the lowest average IQ combined between 500 people anywhere in the world (with few exceptions). So I am reposting this endorsement on S.FL 9/12 from my blog to show my support for Ed Lynch who has always treated me with the utmost kindness:

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