Over 100 at the Rally yesterday! Great job!

We had people in costume and everyone had flags and signs and great big smiles. This Health Care bill is not a good thing for our Country. Taking over of our medical system and making the government the only provider of student loans is wrapped up in this fiasco.


One Response to “Over 100 at the Rally yesterday! Great job!”
  1. I feel equal parts encouraged, and regretful, as I look at these pictures. We had a really great turnout of people – there are still Patriots who believe in the LIBERTY that “smaller government” can afford you. But wow – only hours later, the US Congress STILL jammed this health care takeover down the throats of the very, very divided American people.

    If you see yourself in one of these pictures… or know you were there, or at ONE of these many South Florida 9/12 Project events in the past 12 months of our young existence… YOU did more than the average person. YOU took a STAND.

    There is still much work to be done… but know that you are NOT ALONE.

    Stay sharp!

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