8 Ways Health Reform Will Affect You

There will be much analysis in the coming days (and propaganda) about what Obamacare will do for and to each of us.  One article appearing Monday in US News and World Report, sees 8 major effects:

  1. Immediate changes: no lifetime caps, insured with parents until age 26, preventative services mandates, and the subsidized high risk pools (although you can be denied until 2014).
  2. You must purchase insurance after 2014 or be fined up to 2.5% of income
  3. No pre-existing condition exclusions after 2014
  4. You can expect longer waits to see a doctor – time doubled in Massachusetts after passage
  5. Employer provided policies will likely change (for the worse if they are “gold plated”)
  6. Maternity care not considered “special coverage” anymore
  7. More affordable options than COBRA if you lose a job
  8. HIGHER TAXES, directly if a high earner, presumably including investment income.

For the source article, click HERE.

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