Liberty or Death Rally demonstrated that we’re still fighting!

There were about 140-150 energized and noisy folks at the peak on the corner of Glades and St. Andrews in Boca yesterday evening.  We were all making the point that we weren’t giving up the war just because we’d lost the battle.  Everett Wilkinson brought his megaphone – and we had several brief chants.  Media was there from as far as Miami (channel 7) and locally, channel 5 – filming and interviewing attendees.  

Joyce Kaufman read Patrick Henry’s Liberty or Death speech.  (I only heard the very end of it – so perhaps other people were involved as well).   Dick Armey, of Freedomworks, also spoke to the crowd.  Also difficult to hear – so if anyone can add to my post – please feel free to comment!  Ed Lynch and his team were also visible – with signs and a reminder sign to vote on April 13th.

We got fairly positive honks and thumbs up from the passing vehicles – so a lot of other people want to REPEAL and REPLACE the law (and the people in Congress who voted for it!)!


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