Last night’s Candidate event Great time get active!

Last night I had the privilege to go to a Paella party and help support financially a candidate. Tami Donnally is running for District 85 State House, and Mike Lameyer for Florida Senate District 27. The party was for Tami, however she was so gracious as to let a number of people who are running introduce themselves. The food was incredible and made by a true American Patriot Luis.

I looked around the room and I noticed a number of 912ers present and I am so proud of them and their activism. These candidates are quality people of character who have lived and worked in their community for years. It feels so good to be able to trust a candidate and get behind them. It seems every time you find a candidate you may like or send to Washington or Tallahassee they let you down over and over. I feel so encouraged when I spend the quality time with these local candidates they are the real deal. My only disappointment is seeing the same faces. Where are all the “grassroots” activists? Not financially supporting these quality candidates, I can see that. You must, must, open up your wallet and donate at least $10 and you must educate your friends and on voting day bring a friend. Tami and friends had a great crowd of people there do not get me wrong and they have a great support team. However they need our help, your help. I am a mom with 3 kids, I work full timeĀ and I help run this group. However showing up at rallies is NOT going to get quality candidates elected. Financially supporting them, getting petition signed, and voting for them will.

Thank you Tami and Dave for putting on a great event! I had a really nice time and appreciate the invitation into your home and family.


One Response to “Last night’s Candidate event Great time get active!”
  1. Thank Shannon! and thank you to everyone who attended. It was a great event, and Luis of Paella Grill is marvelous. I appreciate your getting the word out that we candidates need help. Visit my web and sign up! http://www.tamidonnally.com

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