American Revival: Faith, Hope & Charity

Many South Florida 9-12 Members attended Glenn Beck’s American Revival: Faith, Hope & Charity gathering today in Orlando, Florida. The gathering had three speakers – James Barton on Faith, David Buckner on Hope and Judge Napolitano on Charity. Glenn closed with a faith based Keynote… which started with the singing of Amazing Grace by a standing crowd.   I loved all the historical references to the fact that America was founded with GOD based law and WE THE PEOPLE as the ruler.  There were many factual references back to our founding fathers documents and writings.

Here are some of the notes I wrote:
Congress printed the FIRST American Bible and according to the comments in the Records of Congress, these Holy Scriptures are for use in our schools.
29 of the 55 Forefathers had seminary degrees.
John Adams wrote 33 volumns was was a faith based man – which was excluded in the HBO Documentary
Roger Sherman signed all 4 documents and started the American Bible Society. He stated there can be no civil law without Biblical Law.
Revisionism – moves us from following TRUE history.
He suggested we all read George Washington’s Farewell Address.
Suggested that history gets changed and must verify sources (footnotes) back to sources. An example is that George Washington was a honest man and faithful husband… to the contrary of teachings.
There are THREE classes of people: immoveable, moveable and those who MOVE.
In the last 16 years, we have LOST money, DOUBLED revenues and TRIPLED spending… while maintaining a AAA Credit Rating. There is a storm on the horizon.
In regards to healthcare, a lower price doesnr mean lower costs.
How do we increase patients with no new doctors. Making promises to people that we cant afford to keep.
We have to pay down the debt, cut spending and watch inflation.
With a single payer system, the market weakens.
Raising minimum wage is like building a fence… it’s counter productive. Suggested running an analysis on no minimum wage.
H – Home… how can you cut consumption at home?
O – Ownership … Take control of the process.
P – Prepare… There is a path out of darkness.
E – Engage… Educate yourself and get involved.

Ben Franklin lived the model of charity… and gave us inventions.
America is the most charitable country in the world. Charitys are rated by how much benefit goes to the cause. The Avg Charity is 60 – 70%. Govt programs have about 30% go to the people. If the govt gave the $$ to charity, we could DOUBLE the benefit to the poor.


2 Responses to “American Revival: Faith, Hope & Charity”
  1. EdFulop EdFulop says:

    Thank you soooo much for posting these. It was a great event.

  2. missalisa says:

    Excellent summary. Thanks for posting. It was an awesome event. Would hope there are more of these in the future!

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