The VP Shows no Respect – a letter to the editor

(Editor: Mercedes sent this to the Palm Beach Post)

Dear editor:
   A few days ago a lady who was conducting a phone survey regarding political issues asked me several questions and how I could evaluate the present administration after a year in the White House.  Without hesitation my answer was specific and direct.
   Besides the economy that is at all times low, the unemployment lines that are longer than ever, the house-repossessed, defense, and education (to name a few) are sad chapters in our history, to that we have to add what an embarrassment it is to this administration and what I consider a disgrace and a real shame when the vice-president of The United States of America expresses his opinion about a bill that has just passed using the most improper language “cursing” in front of the cameras while the microphones were on.
   The vice-president showed no respect to the people if this country that he is supposed to represent and offended everyone, especially the children and younger generation whose parents are working so hard trying to educate them the best way possible.
   I am not a politician, just a regular citizen who cares for the welfare and future of our country and the
 vice-president’s words  (heard by everyone) made me think what a joke it is for this administration The Health Care Bill as well as any other bill and how little they care and respect  The United State if America and The American.

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