Update: PBC Inspector General/Ethics Commission Implementation

Events are in motion.  Palm Beach County has made progress on the implementation of the ordinances we had an impact in changing last fall.

I participate as a member of the Ethics Implementation Advisory Committee, representing both South Florida 912 and South Florida Tea Party and grass-roots in general.  In addition, I’ve been attending the meetings of the Ethics Commission and the Selection Committee.  All of these meetings are open and you are welcome to attend them.  At this point – none of them are televised but minutes are posted on the county website.  

The county has created an ethics section on their website here.

The Commission on Ethics has narrowed their list of candidates for Executive Director and will be interviewing the candidates on April 24.  The Selection Committee has done the same and will be interviewing the candidates for Inspector General early in May.  This is somewhat behind schedule but they are also very concerned about getting it right.  The county staff has put together extensive ethics training programs for employees, advisory committee members and vendors and are busy implementing it.  All of the training is also online and you can view videos of the training classes on the website listed above.

 News from the latest meetings are posted: 

If you have any questions about these meetings or what’s been going on – don’t hesitate to ask!

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