Tavern Toons #5

April 29th Meeting at the Lantana Library

We had a great meeting at the excellent facilities of the Lantana Library last evening, with quite a lot of new and returning members, candidates for office, and radio host (and also candidate for Florida House) Dick Farrel.

Jason kicked it off with a formal reading of the minutes from the last meeting, after a prayer and the Pledge, then Shannon welcomed everybody and gave her view of the challenges we face and the need to get involved.

Ed Fulop talked about the “Coffee or Tea” public forum in which he will be participating next month at Nova Southeastern University in Davie. Many 912ers are planning to attend, so please RSVP and let us know if you would like to organize a carpool.

Fred Scheibl then took us through the CD19 election results and the measurable difference that the 43 volunteers from 912 made with our phonebank. For the upcoming elections (August primary and November general) we will have an online system in place so you can work on the campaign of your choice from the comfort of your home.

Doug Armstrong then introduced the team that is creating a course for members that is based on the Glen Beck “Faith, Hope and Charity” agenda that a lot of us heard at the Orlando event last month. David DiCrescenzo, Frank Donnino and his son all gave overviews of their sections. The course is expected to be rolled out for the leaders next month for fine-tuning and for the general membership in June.

After a short break, Dick Farrel gave us his unique brand of political humor, dumping on Republicans, Democrats, Barrack Obama, the County Commission, Clear Channel Radio, the Palm Beach Post, and media in general. A member of the Palm Beach REC, and a Republican candidate for the Florida House, Dick is not one to mince words.

Last but not least was the opportunity for the candidates present to speak, and we had an impressive assortment including Mike Lameyer (FL Senate district 27), Tami Donnally (Fl House district 85), Joe Budd (Congressional district 19), Karl Dickey (County Commission seat 4), Steven Rosenblum (FL House district 89) and Dick Farrel (FL House district 88). Commissioner Jess Santamaria, running for re-election to County Commission seat 6 and a long-time friend of South Florida 912 was also in the audience.

Memorial Day Event!Come Join us for a day of Honor

No signs

Event begins at 10am
schedule TBD

This is a great day to show our American Spirit!

Come out and wear your 912 gear and American colors!


The bus will start at 8:30am at the Target parking lot.

GET THERE EARLY – I waited last year abour 45 mins for the bus 🙂 IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!

South Florida National Cemetery
6501 S. State Road 7
South Florida National Cemetery 6501 S. State Road 7 Lake Worth, FL 33449 Phone: (561) 649-6489 Lake Worth, FL 33449
Phone: (561) 649-6489


Directions:Via I-95: Exit Lantana Road / FL 812 (# 61), turn right heading West until you come to SR7 / US 441

Target is on your right ( north east corner )

From the North: Via FL Turnpike: Exit Lake Worth Road (# 93), turn right heading West until you come to SR 7 / US 441.

From the South: Via FL Turnpike: Exit Boynton Beach Boulevard (# 86), turn left heading West until you come to SR7 / US 441. GO north till you get Lantana rd. Target is on the right after Lantana (north east corner)

Palm Beach County Commission Proposes Sales Tax Increase

The County Commission, by a 5-2 vote, is proposing to place on the ballot in August, a 1% sales tax increase to fund Fire/Rescue outside of the normal budget process. If passed, it would become effective at the end of the year when a .5% school infrastructure tax ends, thus the new rate would be 7%.

Unlike the school infrastructure tax, this one would not have an end date, and would eliminate the need for Fire/Rescue to participate in the normal county budget process every year. In effect, it would provide a steadily increasing revenue stream that would be earmarked for Fire/Rescue only, and would be collected regardless of budget needs. It should be noted in this context, that in the period 2004-2010, the Fire/Rescue call rate went up 19% (24% if you adjust for 2004 hurricanes), while the Fire/Rescue budget went up 82%. While most would agree that Fire/Rescue is an essential service, there are a lot of things in the budget that are only incidental to responding to emergencies. If this gets on the ballot, we will be picking it apart line by line.

The tax is supposed to be “revenue neutral” – that is the county would reduce the millage so the ad-valorem taxes on real estate would decline by the amount of the sales tax increase. That sounds good (shifting taxes to consumption rather than property) but there is nothing in either the proposal or the overlying legislation (SB1000, HB365 from 2009) that requires them to do so now or in the future. How long do you suppose it would take the County Commission to find that they “need the money” and put the millage right back where it was (or higher).

A broad coalition of business and grass roots groups is coming together to fight this bad idea. The first front is on the city level -as they need the agreement of 7 of the 12 municipalities that have their own Fire/Rescue operations. It is not clear how the cities will decide it – the interlocal agreements that address revenue sharing would have to be worked out first, and you can imagine that there will be a bit of lobbying going on. If you can, call your city council and find out what they plan to do and if there is a public meeting scheduled, then post what you find here. If they can convince 7 of the cities, the rest will have to go along or lose the use of the money that their citizens are paying to the sales tax.

The second front is at the county level with two public meetings on 5/18 and 6/8, where the text of the ballot measure will be discussed. The two dissenting votes last time were Jeff Koons and Steve Abrams. Karen Marcus is the author of putting the measure on the August ballot instead of November when more people will be voting. “It is just shifting,” Commissioner Jess Santamaria said. “It is not increasing taxes… It is a way of balancing things and making it more equitable,” he said. Please prepare to attend these meetings and say whether you agree with that statement.

The third front will be the ballot measure itself (if it gets that far). With all the other issues to deal with this year, it would be a shame if this fight is added to the mix, but we must be prepared. The coalition that is coming together in opposition to this measure has created a website to make the case and provide factual context. It can be found at nonewsalestax.org. Please refer to it from time to time and join us in the fight.

Confusion reigns about the various Marches on Washington

Last year it was easy. Freedomworks and a coalition of conservative groups had a PROTEST March on Washington on September 12th. We marched on the Capitol and it was an amazing experience. We were coalesced around spending and a government out of control.This year – not so easy a choice. There are huge fights going on in the ‘tea party’ universe on who got which permit when, who is funded by whom, who is sponsoring what. But I’ll just try and distinguish between the events as best I can. This is a long post. You will have to decide for yourselves which of the event(s) you plan to attend. Unfortunately – the media will be confused as well and I’m sure the event with the least attendance will be covered as the ‘official’ event. I guess that’s the ‘beauty’ of being a leaderless, non-astroturfed movement.

1) Glenn Beck announced an event on August 28 – entitled Restoring Honor and with the description “Come join Glenn and members of the Special Operations Warrior Foundation at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on August 28, 2010 for the Restoring Honor Rally. This non-political, non-partisan event will recognize our First Amendment rights and honor the service members who fight ”  It is NOT a protest.  He has said on his shows that attendees should not bring signs.  He has also said that he chose August because he wanted this to be a family event and most kids are in school by the September 12th timeframe.   This forces many 912 Project members to be conflicted – they cannot afford to go to Washington twice, especially only a couple of weeks before the event they hoped to attend as a repeat of the prior year’s March on Washington.

The website for the event is here.

2) Stephani Scruggs, National Co-Chair of The 912 Project, created an organization called United in Action – whose executives seems to be primarily 912 Project members from various parts of the country.  They have planned a convention called the “Unite in Action” Liberty Exposition from September 9-12 with a March on the Washington Monument on September 11th.  Her website is attempting to raise $100000 to pay for the expenses of holding the event.  Her site shows pictures from last year’s event – altho’ as far as I know – “Unite in Action” had no part in that event other than that all of us who marched on Washington made a statement no matter which organization we came from.  Their Advisory Council does list branches of groups from various grass-roots organizations.  Their January 29, 2010 press release, found here would imply that they were the organizers of the 2009 march.  To my knowledge – that doesn’t seem to be true.

Their purpose is to be totally unaffiliated from any party or special interest group and their website is: March On DC.

3) The organizations that pulled off the September 12 March on DC last year are doing it again – on September 12.  The theme is Take America Back!  The intent is to  protest big government and support lower taxes, less government and more freedom. For those of you who attended last year – you should expect it to be similar – except that the March will be going to the Washington Monument instead of the Capitol.  The groups sponsoring it include Freedomworks,  Tea Party Patriots, National Taxpayers Union, The Institute for Liberty and a host of other great free market groups from around the country.  Brendan Steinhauser is the organizer, as he was last year.

The event website is : 912 Taxpayer March on DC  and overview website is found here. 

The event website has an ongoing argument between folks from Unite in Action and the Freedomworks over who has the legitimate event. 

Brendan’s most recent post states


“To clear up the confusion, FreedomWorks will be joining the same coalition of allies from last year, and hopefully many more, to host the 9/12 Taxpayer March on Washington, 2010.

We will be gathering on Sunday afternoon, the 12th of September, at the Washington Monument. To stay up to date please visit www.freedomworks.org for more details. Thanks! ” 


while Stephani says


“Please do not commit Conservative Cannibalism here or anywhere else. Obviously FreedomWorks does have an event 9/12, or Brendan wouldn’t have posted this. We just happen to have one the day before. For the record, Unite In Action, (UIA), does not view this event or FreedomWorks as competition. It is UIA’s desire that patriots will spend the entire weekend in DC working to restore the republic.

We are all patriots and we are all in this fight together. Infighting in this movement will only ensure that we loose the country; so please everyone KNOCK IT OFF! START FIGHTING


Petitions Needed!

We are very close to reaching our goal of 1143 petitions to qualify for the ballot.  If  you live in House District 85 – please visit my website at www.tamidonnally.com, download the petition, fill it out and send it in!  If you can walk your street or neighborhood and need copies of the petition, contact me and I’ll be happy to get them to you.  We have scheduled two walks – Sunday, May 2, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. in Winston Trails (call for meeting spot) and Thursday, May 6th, 6:00 – 8:00 in Wellington.  (Meet at the Publix on Forest Hill by 6)  Call for instructions, petitions, or more info!  602-3777.   Thank you for your help and support!

Whew it has been a busy week!

This last week I had a whirlwind of activity.

     Monday night the leaders had a conference call making plans for our next meeting and reviewing up coming local, state and national issues.

     Tuesday night I had the pleasure of attending a meeting at the Lantana library from the Christian Coalition. The meeting topic of the night was to speak about the rights of a pastor / church in regards to politics, and elections. It was a very informative evening with a great video from David Barton and presentation from Dave Donnally.

     Wednesday evening was a presentation at FAU by the Heritage Foundation with the focus on the environment and alternative energy sources. I was very encouraged to see the crowd filled with young people.  I would say the average age was 20 if you took the few of us “old people” out of the mix. I was very impressed with the presentation and found out that the Heritage Foundation has a lot of programs geared toward the youth and I picked up some information to pass on to the Generation Joshua group (youth politics group).

     Thursday – HMmm did I have this night free? Man I can not even remember now. I most likely had to find time to grocery shop or cook dinner or something.

     Saturday – A few of us went to witness the interviews for the Executive Director for the Ethic Commission.  I found it very interesting and was very pleased to know that Alan Johnson was offered the position and he accepted it.

     Later that night…. I had to go to an event for BE THE ONE at my church and then I took my two girls and my MOM because it was girls night to Pollo Tropical for some delicious chicken and then later we saw CLASH OF THE TITANS. BTW very good movie – equal to the original movie as far as the story goes but it was a nice night.

     Sunday, this is family day so I am glad to report I really enjoyed church.  The topic this week was about peoples fear of intimacy and it was not just in the personal one on one kind (….) but the walls that people build after having been hurt by others and how it is important to let that wall down. I personally found the focus a great one and got a lot out of it.

      Sunday in the PM – FUN FUN FUN we went to the Second Amendment Picnic and we had some really great food and fellowship. There were so many people there. I really enjoyed seeing some of the candidates that are running for office and hearing them speak. We had a booth, where we gave out info about our group and answered questions. A number of our group also gave blood. I was soo proud of them. ( needless to say this is one thing I cannot do, bad veins and a weak stomach.)

     Are we done yet?

     Sunday after the picnic Doug with the generous help of Ken Barnett pressured cleaned our drive and sidewalks and porch on our house while I ran out to attend a reception for Jess Santamaria. It was a very nice affair that he held so that he could promote his reelection. I found it a very interesting crowd and made good conversation with a number of people. I do have to say there were a few comments from the crowds that made me cringe however my over all feeling is that we have to be able to find things and issues that we have in common so we can bridge the gaps that have been created in our society. It was really nice to meet some new people and have the audience of that crowd as I was able to mention our group in a very simple statement for about 1 minute at the end of the meal. I had a nice reception and a few people come up afterwards. Ed Fulop, Doreen Baxter, Dennis Lipp, and Michele and Chris Kirk were all there.

     Did I mention that later when it was all done I came home made dinner and then was pretty beat. I did not get a lot of chances to blog or even respond to emails. SO this blog is pretty long and probably boring but it is a wrap up of my Whirlwind week. Only to start it all over again this week. I hope to see many if you at our next meeting this Thursday April 29th at 6:30pm.

Allen West Takes the Lead in New Poll of CD22

In a survey conducted by Wilson Research Strategies on April 18-19, Lt. Colonel Allen West leads incumbent Ron Klein 44% – 42%.

West is now known by nearly 50% of the Congressional district and has a favorable to unfavorable ratio of 3-1 (23%-8%). Klein’s is viewed unfavorably by nearly one-third of the district (31%) and trails West even though over 90% of the voters have heard of Klein.

For the full press release from the West campaign, CLICK HERE.

April 912 Meeting Scheduled in Lantana


April meeting of South Florida 912 with special guest radio host Dick Farrell


April 29th, 2010, 6:30 PM


Lantana Library, 4020 Lantana Road
Lake Worth, Florida, 33462


  • Opening Remarks
  • CD19 Special Election Results and the 912 impact
  • Palm Beach County sales tax proposal – organizing the opposition
  • Dick Farrell
  • Open Discussion – Financial Reform, Immigration, Climate, Congressional Elections, Local projects – what to expect?

  • Sign up for our American Revival Class at the meeting.
  • Register on the website to receive the Weekly Digest
  • Support our sponsors and tell them you are a 912 member: Click HERE
  • Make a donation: Click HERE

See you there!

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912 Turns out for the 2nd Amendment Coalition Picnic

There was quite a turnout for the Sunday picnic in Okeeheelee Park put on by David Wood and the 2nd Amendment Coalition for “All Patriotic, Liberty Minded Individuals & Grass Roots Groups”. The food was good, the speakers informative, and the crowd had the opportunity to meet a lot of local candidates including Ed Lynch and Joe Budd (CD19), Mike Lameyer (FS27), Tammy Donnally (FH85), Francisco Rodriguez (FH83), and the newly announced candidate for FH89, Steven Rosenblum.
South Florida 912 had a booth at the event, and both Shannon and Doug spoke to the crowd, and Jason ran a 50-50 fundraiser. Lot’s of 912 shirts were visible throughout the crowd.

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