Action Alert CANCELLED – UPDATE – BCC Mtg 4/6

The County has made room in its South County facilities in Delray Beach sufficient to allow the Tax Collector staff to handle DMV licensing.  At the same time – the state has delayed closure of the existing DMV facility by two months to permit Tax Collector Gannon to complete the transition. 

I have confirmed that the agenda item 5B1-2 has been replaced from tomorrow’s BCC meeting agenda with:

5B-1                DELETED: Staff requests Board direction:  regarding a proposed Lease Agreement with Larise Atlantis, Inc. for a new Lantana Service Center for the Tax Collector. (FDO) (Being replaced with one (1) new item)

5B-2                DELETED: Staff recommends motion contingent to 5B-1 to: A) adopt a Resolution authorizing a new Tax Collector Lantana Service Center, replacing the current suburban Lake Worth Branch and ratifying and affirming the Tax Collector’s other existing branch offices;..(FDO) (Being replaced with one (1) new item) 

5B-3              ADD-ON, TIME CERTAIN 10:15 A.M.: Staff recommends motion to approve: providing the Tax Collector with expanded facilities to support the continued provision of driver’s license services in the South County area. SUMMARY:  The State Department of Motor Vehicles has indicated it will close its Delray Beach office on July 1, 2010.  The Board has expressed a desire to provide for the continuation of such services in the South County area and the Tax Collector is proposing to assume responsibility for such services.  Staff has developed a proposed plan for providing the Tax Collector additional space within the South County Administrative Complex in which to perform such services.  Essentially, the plan entails relocating the Property Appraiser from the Administrative Complex to the former West Atlantic Library building and renovating the vacated space for use by the Tax Collector. (PREM) Districts 4, 5 & 7/Countywide (HJF) (FDO)  

While the final estimates aren’t in yet, it is estimated that the renovations to existing facilities will cost $1.5-$2 million and no lease expenses – whereas the original approach was going to cost $4 million plus commit the county to another $4 million in lease costs.
Thanks to all who contacted their commissioners.  There is no need to attend the meeting tomorrow.  For more details – here is  an article in the Palm Beach Post.



Stop the County from wasting $4 million!

Doug Armstrong represented South Florida 912 two weeks ago at the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners and a decision was delayed by two weeks.  The time as come for us to ACT.  Please read the details from Doug and RSVP in his post entitled The Elevator to Tax Waste in Palm Beach County

The topic is Time Certain at 10:15 am on Tuesday.  The County Commission Commission meets at: 

Government Center
Jane M. Thompson Memorial Chambers
301 N Olive Ave 6th Fl

When you enter the chambers, pick up and fill out a card to speak on the topic (agenda item 5B1&2) – put together a few sentences about why you think the spending is the wrong thing to do (helps if you prepare it in advance – there’s nothing wrong with reading it – that’s what most people do!).  Just sitting in the audience is NOT enough!

The brief is found on page 25 of the agenda which can be found here.  The staff recommends approval of the expenditure.

We need you to come out and show that we don’t want our tax dollars spent in vain!


One Response to “Action Alert CANCELLED – UPDATE – BCC Mtg 4/6”
  1. This is great! Shows that when people are the watch dogs we can remind them that sometimes all it takes is some insight and looking at what tools you have and you can make a difference with out a lot of money but with the best interest of the County and the Tax payer in mind. Keep watching the Commission Agenda and going to the meetings. It is a great thing to do! Keep us informed of anything that we all might need to address.

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