9-12 Phonebank for Ed Lynch – Update

4/13 Update

  • If you live in District 19, VOTE TODAY!
  • If you need to find your polling place, click HERE
  • If you need a ride to the polls, the Lynch campaign can help: Click HERE.
  • If you can take time to wave signs at the polls today from 3:00pm – 7:00pm contact: karin@dcworksforus.com
  • If you want to make calls, contact: info@southflorida912.org

Let’s FLIP THIS HOUSE – starting with CD19

4/12 Update

Calling activity continues. If you are already working with us, please finish your sheets, fax them back and take some more! If not, please get off the sidelines!

If you would like to help at the precincts tomorrow, the campaign is looking for volunteers to wave Lynch signs and pass out literature from 3:00pm to 7:00pm when the polls close. Coordination is through Karin Hoffman ( karin@dcworksforus.com ). Send her an email for a precinct assignment, and copy us at info@southflorida912.org – if there are enough volunteers in the north part of the county we can arrange for local drop off of materials and save you a trip to Boca Raton.

Volunteers – there will be a grand VICTORY PARTY tomorrow evening. Expect an email later with the time and place.

4/11 Update

We continue our call from home activities, with many of our 40+ volunteers (some from as far as Chicago) coming back for more call sheets. Keep up the good work! If you’d like to join the team for the last 3 day push, send us a note at info@southflorida912.org

4/8 Update

Saturday WPB Phonebank Cancelled in Favor of Call-From-Home

In this latest round of calling, most of the participants are comfortable calling from home and didn’t see the value in gathering at an office location to make calls. Therefore, we are cancelling the office phonebank and asking people to finish their current call sheets, fax them in, and ask for more. We’re approaching the 5000 call mark and need to turn out every Lynch supporter we can find.

Great progress so far – keep pushing for these last 6 days! If you want to join us and make calls from the comfort of your home, send a note to info@southflorida912.org and please provide a contact number where you can be reached.

Since we started phonebanking for Ed Lynch, the 9-12 Project has made over 2500 calls. We called Republicans and right-leaning independents. Of those we reached that were willing to indicate their support or lack of it, the response was 83% for Ed Lynch. Many of these did not know about the 4/13 election before the call, and now plan to vote.

So what are we doing next?

Phase 2 starts on Monday (4/5). We have selected out of all the CD19 precincts north of Boynton Beach, a list of voters who are both likely to favor Ed Lynch and to actually vote in the election. We need volunteers to call these voters from home in the evenings this week.

Phase 3 will consist of calling back those we have identified as supporters to remind them to get out and vote on 4/13. This we will do from Melissa’s office downtown WPB on Saturday Morning from 9:00am to 1:00pm.

Please RSVP below, talk to me at the 9-12 Meetup on Monday, or send a note to info@southflorida912.org if you can help out in this final push.

This race is starting to get national attention as a referendum on the Obama agenda since Ted Deutch is 100% on board and Ed Lynch is 100% opposed to this government assault on our basic liberties. Ed has been on national TV and radio, and reports his fundraising has significantly ticked up since the passage of Obamacare and the Democrat’s shabby treatment of Israel. If Ed wins it will reverbrate as loud as the Scott Brown upset in Massachusetts. PLEASE turn out and help make this happen.

Note:This 9-12 phonebank is independent of the Lynch campaign and we are creating our own calling lists as prelude (and practice) for assisting in other campaigns later in the year at national, state and local levels. Some of the 9-12 members are calling and precinct-walking directly with the campaign. By all means, if you would rather do that please do. Please help in any way you can.


One Response to “9-12 Phonebank for Ed Lynch – Update”
  1. Hello South Florida Patriots !!
    I’m going to blast this call for action to all As A Mom members in Florida!! We can make a difference by teaming up on projects such as this one!!
    Karena Morrison
    Florida State Chairmom – As A Mom… A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots

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