Florida’s Bold Move

The Florida Legislature has passed a bill that can significantly improve public education by changing the way teachers are compensated and tenured. By tying compensation to results (student learning) as is done in the private sector, it has attracted nationwide attention and admiration.

The Chicago Tribune Editorial described it thus:

The most significant piece of legislation eliminates tenure protection for teachers. Newly hired teachers would work on an annual contract that can be renewed each year. The bill also does away with lockstep annual raises. Teachers’ pay no longer would be bumped based simply on how long they’ve worked, and how many graduate degrees they’ve obtained. Instead, their pay would depend on the achievement of their students. The more improvement their students make in the classroom, the more money teachers take home. Already tenured teachers keep their job protection.

The legislature’s move has teachers unions up in arms. Andy Ford, the president of the Florida Education Association, told Education Week that his group would work to shake up the make-up of the legislature. “We’re looking toward the November elections, where we’d repeal and reform the legislation, if we can change some seats in the Senate and the House,” Ford said.

Despite enormous pressure, legislators have sent a message that they’re committed to breathtaking reform. Their boldness is refreshing, a template we hope Illinois emulates.

Read the entire article HERE.

Unfortunately, Governor Crist has not yet decided if he will sign or veto this landmark legislation. He may be doing a political calculation about the support he could get from the teacher’s unions if he decides to drop out of the Republican Senate primary and run as an Independent (which he of course said he would not do). Why else would he even hesitate to embrace this change?
Please call the Governor at (850) 488-7146 or send email ( charlie.crist@myflorida.com ) and ask him to SIGN THE BILL.


4 Responses to “Florida’s Bold Move”
  1. I sent and email – Please get involved on this issue!


    I come from a union family. My Father was President of our local AFL-CIO. Unions serve their purpose, but now have gone completely out of control. Do you and I lose our jobs if we don’t preform? The demands have become extreme and much to costly to the Florida Tax Payer. Besides the ridiculous demands , they are also responsible for bring in and teaching curriculum that favors Socialism and social engineering to help our children become nice little Bolsheviks! Breaking the back of the Teachers Union is a necessary step in bringing both Florida and our country back to Conservatism. This is just another Government Program that has gone array with our Tax money. Thank GOD our Republican controlled State Government has the backbone to do this!

  3. Iris Iris says:

    The Republicans may have the backbone – but Charlie Crist sure didn’t.

  4. Austin Parris Parris85 says:

    You know, as much as I’d like to see some of my old teachers have the ability to make more than their less-than-able counterparts, this is terrible legislation, and all it does it hurt those students that seem to be missing from this equation, AGAIN.

    Student’s tests will be lessened in difficulty a la NCLB and FCAT and all that will happen is education quality will go down.

    Think of the students, please.

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