Hold Your Heads High! A new day in Sunny South Florida

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Tax Day Rally on Thursday! Ed Lynch may have lost the special election however we can not loose the momentum. Hold our heads high and keep educating the voters. It is also important to educate ourselves, family and friends. Read books like┬áthe Constitution etc… Be peaceful lets do this like Gandhi and Martin Luther King. There is more respect and honor in that, more truth in that. We have been told that Hannah Giles will be a guest speaker at the rally on Thursday. This should be a really exciting event. Come out with your financially themed signs and 912 shirts.Be Peaceful and true to our Principles. We have a lot of work ahead glob onto a candidate and help them get petitions signed or get someone to join our group and come to meetings. Today is a new day in South Florida and we continue on…


One Response to “Hold Your Heads High! A new day in Sunny South Florida”
  1. Roberto Roberto says:

    Mega dittos Shannon. We lost this battle, but we must regroup and continue the fight. We most planned to win all of the the battles, but the reality is that we will lose some . And the main goal is to win the war.

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